Monday, August 22, 2005

Another busy weekend

Over the weekend Matt, Iris and I attended a first birthday party for Iris's friend Jake. Jake's mom is my friend Melissa. Their family lives in a gorgeous, gigantic home in Georgetown. I am incredibly jealous. Most of the time it feels like we will never be able to afford a nicer place to live. I absolutely adore Seattle and everything the city has to offer, but it makes me sad that it is so expensive to live here. When I see people around us, our age, who live in such wonderful homes, I always wonder how they have come to afford such a lovely place to live and we can't. Anyways, it's a real sore spot for me.

We also visited other friends, the Bakers, over the weekend. Abby is pregnant with their third child. I don't know how they are doing it! It makes me tired just to look at her. She must be exhausted.

Iris likes to rub her booty against things now. It's really funny! We are pretty sure she learned the behavior from the dog (that or her father!) She slowly backs up to things and then rubs her butt back and forth. She is also dancing now. To ANYTHING. To any music, to noises from her toys, to singing. She seems like a very musical girl. She can also drum with both hands, which I am pretty sure is nothing short of genius for a toddler of her age. We will be enrolling her in rock school pretty soon :)