Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The dwindling summer

This past summer as definitely sped by faster than any I have ever experienced. Every weekend seems to be full with something. This past weekend Matt, Iris and I went to Yakima to visit his parents, sister and uncle. Yakima is such a wierd town. I get anxious to get back to the city every time we go there. It felt good to get a break from caring for Iris while her extended family looked after her. Watching her interact so closely with that side of the family makes me sad to think that my whole side of the family doesn't know her at all. I am secretly glad Iris is the only grandchild in Matt's family because she gets so much attention!

We have been spending Wednesday mornings with my friend Melissa, her son Jake, and the little girl Melissa nannies for, Amelia. Amelia has a fantastic playroom and it's fun for Iris to get to get to know them after all these weeks of our playdates. I really like Melissa alot. She is an amazing mama and nanny and I often get inspired by her to be a better mama myself. This weekend is Jake's first birthday party and so we get to go to their home in Georgetown. We've never been to Georgetown before so it will be like a little trip :)

It seems like there are so many things I haven't gotten to do this summer, too. We've only gone swimming once, haven't been in the lake at all, only went to the zoo once and not to the aquarium at all! We didn't get back to Milwaukee, or on anything real vacation for that matter. Sigh. There will be many more summers, of course. Iris is growing and changing faster than we can keep up with her.