Monday, August 08, 2005

Our last trip to B-Town

Yesterday Matt, Iris and I went to Bremerton to visit our friends Kyla and Caleb before they move to Milwaukee. Usually we would have loved to have taken the ferry, but we brought Butters with us on the trip, so we decided to drive around.

Kyla and Caleb live in a cute little house with a nice back yard. We BBQ'd, played badmitton (which, much to my dismay, I am pretty terrible at) and played games. Iris had a great time walking around the yard and playing with everyone. We also ate pizza from a place called Badda Boom Badda Bing. Iris slept the whole way home, which made for a peaceful drive, but then she didn't go to sleep until after 10:00 last night.

We're going to miss Kyla and Caleb. Unfortunately we haven't spent nearly as much time with them over the past couple of years as we would have liked to. It's very exciting that they are moving to Milwaukee because we will be able to visit them!