Monday, September 12, 2005

Don't Tell Matt. . .

. . . but I am DESPERATE for another baby! It seems all around me mamas are pregnant with their second child and I suddenly have baby envy. I don't want to BE pregnant, I DEFINITELY don't want to give birth again, but damn it, I want another baby! Every day it seems like Iris is getting to be such a big girl. She is so independent and has to do everything herself! I feel like she went from being a dependent tiny little thing to a big grown up girl over night. *sniffle* I am missing the baby stage!

Of course, logistically, if we want more children, the sooner the better, right? Poor Matt has to attempt to temper my ability to go off the deep end with any big ideas I come up with, I am sure he would like to wait on this one as long as possible! I am trying to come up with ways of convincing him that it is a fantastic idea that another baby comes ASAP, but up until now he has dodged every single one of my overt hints. Sigh.

In other news we have started to have serious talks about moving. It's getting further and further out of our relm of possiblity to even live in a bigger apartment in Seattle, let alone buy a home. It seems like if we moved to Milwaukee there would be many more opportunities for us to have everything we want-- the home, the yard, the 2.5 children and white picket fence. Of course, planning a move feels incredibly overwhelming. Timing job opportunities, money, housing choices, a possible baby? Suddenly there is a whole lot that would take up all that time I am saving by quitting nannying.