Saturday, October 22, 2005

Fall is slipping away

Well, since my last update, Matt and I have had birthdays (his is today!) and Miss Iris has learned a great deal of her body parts. She can point out (and say!) nose, mouth, ear, eye, elbow, knee, hand and foot. And of course, there is belly button, which we call "bee bo" on account of Sandra Boynton's Belly Button book.

This weekend we're going to be going to a pumpkin farm with the Bookwalters. I don't even know if I've ever been to a pumpkin farm, so it should be fun!

Last week was family night at Iris's school. She dressed up in her frog costume and painted her pumpkin and we all ate pizzas. Auntie Maegan and Auntie Julie came along to hang out, too. It was alot of fun, actually.

We are starting to have our classes for the education component of co-op. We watched a great video that talked about how to supervise the play of little children and how to be there if you're needed, but not interfere too much. I was pleasantly suprised that many of the suggestions were ones I was already using instinctively in my interactions with Iris and the other children at the co-op. Mostly it felt good to feel validated that my "hands off" approach to Iris's play and exploration is exactly what I should be doing in order to help her learn.