Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Holy crap!

So I've done it, I've officially filled Matt's head with enough "propaganda" (his words, not mine) that he agreed to start trying to conceive another baby right after the holidays! Woo-Hoo! There are babies everywhere around us right now. Five friends in my circle are pregnant, and one just had a baby. It's crazy! It's also really hard to not let it get right under your skin and make you feel a little lousy that you're not part of the "club".

Mostly I just look at Iris and think about how much she will absolutely love to be a big sister. Matt and I are sure she will spend most of her time pointing at the baby and saying "baby!". Right now she points at stuffed animals, the shower curtain, the wall, pictures, pretty much anything while saying "baby!". It's incredibly cute.

This past week Iris was playing over at Emma June's while I took a little break. When I went over to pick her up she wanted NOTHING to do with me and was really, really upset that I was taking her home. It was wierd, I had never seen her act that way before. I think she's just starting to get to the age where she realizes that she can have a ton of fun without her mama or dada and hooo-weeee, it's opening a can of worms. This past week I also put Iris to bed for the very first time, laying her down wide awake and she put herself to sleep. No crying, no rocking, no nursing, nothing. It was quite a bittersweet moment. She doesn't need me anymore! Waaaaa!!!!!! It's so amazing to see her grow in all these little ways. Of course it will probably be months before she goes to sleep like that on a consistent basis, but bless her soul, she's giving her mama time to warm up to the idea. Luckily Matt has taken over most of the night-time parenting duties, so he's dealing with it more than I am. It would probably make me cry every night! LOL I was talking to Matt about the days of rocking Iris to sleep, and how when we were doing it that way it felt like we'd be rocking her forever. Now, just a short while later, she's much too independent for our liking. I love that we've taken the AP approach to her night time routine and seen the benefits of it time and time again.