Wednesday, November 23, 2005

It's almost Thanksgiving

And I just finished making my amazing vegan gravy and cranberry pumpkin bread. Yum! I also made Matt buy a pumpkin pie. I've never made a pie before and I figured screwing one up for Thanksgiving dinner wasn't going to be the best introduction in the craft. This year we are going to friend's for dinner. No traveling, no cleaning, very little cooking, hooray!

This morning Matt took Iris to co-op and I got the morning off. Melissa came to pick me up and we went to IKEA! It was sooooooo decadent to shop without Iris. Of course, I bought her the big girl bed we've been eyeing for a long time. When we got home I re-arranged our room, ripped open the box and set the bed up immediately. Matt was looking at me like I was a crazy person, but little did he know I am amazing at putting together IKEA furniture. I think I should get a job there, something in the display department so I can set up all the furniture! She is in there sleeping now, actually, in her big girl bed all by herself. On the days Matt is home from work our schedule is all skewumpus. She didn't take her nap until 3:30, then slept until almost 6:00. Then she proceeded to stay wide awake until 10:00, when I nursed her and put her in her bed. She was awake when I left the room at 10:30 but I didn't hear a peep on the monitor after I left, so that's good, right? I really, really dislike leaving the room while she is still awake, I don't know why that is. I just enjoy comforting Iris to sleep, but tonight it almost seemed like she was too awake and I was adding to the distraction. It must have been the right move because it looks like she's out. All alone, in her big girl bed. *sniff*