Monday, November 14, 2005

Where does she learn this stuff?

The other day, in the bath tub, Iris busted out with "e-i-e-i-o". Matt and I don't sing Old MacDonald to her (but you better believe we do now!) and are not exactly sure where she picked this up. We occassionally sing this song at pre-school, but it had been a week and a half since she last heard, and even then it gets sung once a week at most. Crazy! She is starting to just branch out and pick up on these things without any suggestions from anyone. Today it's Old MacDonald, next week she'll be doing algebra.

This past weekend we made our pilgrimage to the new library downtown. It is incredibly, incredibly cool. The Children's section is it's own room, filled with books and computers and games and fun places to sit. I can't wait to continue to take Iris there as she grows. One thing Seattle has going for it (among many, many things) is it's library system. They have built so many cool new libraries lately and we have had few chances to explore very many of them.

In other news, molars are the most horrid thing EVER. I didn't think they were a big deal until this last week and Iris was working on poking four of those buggers through! She has not been a happy girl. Tylenol has become our friend. Iris has reverted to newborn behavior, which very well may have scared me off having children for several more years.