Thursday, December 22, 2005

And this shall be known as the holiday of stuffed, dead animals. Part One.

We survived! Yippeee!!!!!!! No, of course we survived, but our trip was fantastic and tiring and now we need a vacation from our vacation. Our flight to Milwaukee on the 13th was amazingly uneventful, luckily. Iris was not exactly thrilled about being strapped in to her car seat for hours and hours on end (we bought a seat for her on the plane) but she was a trooper, to say the least! My mom and Jennifer picked us up at the airport and, like promised, we went straight back to Jen's for home made pizza. Over dinner she and my mom made a strong case for my family to move back to WI. They put together an impress list of promises if we were to make such a move, including many pizzas, shoulder rubs and jobs. Hmmmm, that sounds pretty good! After dinner we drove out to Fort Atkinson with my mom and had a good night's sleep without incident. That night a huge snow storm hit, we were so glad that we got there in time to miss it on our travels! We all put on our warmest winter gear and trudged outside in the afternoon so Iris could get her first glimpse of snow. I couldn't really tell if she was thrilled or freaked out, maybe a little of both? My mom got her some adorable snow boots, that unfortunately she will probably never wear again! That night we all settled in to watch "March of the Penguins". It was such a beautiful, moving film. I thought it would be pretty boring, but it was actually really, really interesting.