Monday, December 26, 2005

I am interupting the regularily scheduled holiday news for a special announcement!

Yes, before we even officially began trying, it turns out Matt and I are about as fertile a couple as you can find, and I'm pregnant!

We found out the morning after we got back from Wisconsin, and I spent a good couple days in a fog before the news even began to sink in. This past weekend we spread the news to our immediate family (what better time than Christmas?!?!) so now I'm safe to post the news on my blog :) According to Babycenter, my due date is August 30th, so I'm very, very early. Every twinge, cramp or ache sends me in to panic mode that something is going wrong, of course, but that's pretty much to be expected, huh?

It was so much fun to tell my side of the family, because my sister and mom were SOOOO excited and screaming and just beyond happy for us. I told my sister "I have some exciting news for you!" and she immediately said "you're pregnant!" and I said "yeah!" and she was just like "no way!" it was so nice to get such a fun reaction! I am glad I got to tell them first, because it got a little more disappointing to spread the news to other family members. I had this brilliant and clever idea of how to tell Matt's family on Christmas day. I bought a little ornament that said "Baby's 1st Christmas" and wrote a really cute poem and attached it to the ornament. At the end of present opening on Christmas morning Matt gave it to his mom, and we asked her to read it aloud. Well, I'll put it this way, she looked like she had just opened a toaster oven (as a side note, my mom laughed when I gave her that analogy because she actually had gotten a toaster oven for Christmas, and really liked it! LOL) this first words out his dad's mouth were "you better win the lottery!" and I don't remember anything else, but I pretty sure not a single "congratulations" or "oh my god we're so happy for you!" were uttered. My feelings were deeply hurt, to say the least. I walked in the other room and started crying. Sigh. It's so hard for me to come to terms with the fact that Matt's family exists on a purely logical level, and even if something is good news, it is still looked at with worry and criticism if I doesn't meet all their criteria for being the "right" choice.

So, I've learned my lesson there, and there will be no more clever announcements for that side of the family!

We've luckily had a wonderful, relaxing weekend and I am just feeling mildly tired. Matt has given me alot of help for a few weeks now, actually, so the future of this pregnancy is looking pretty bright after all!

Okay, so hopefully later I will get to finish my story about our trip back to WI and finally have a chance to exaplin the dead, stuffed animal reference.

Stay Tuned!