Monday, December 12, 2005

Okay, it gets better!

Okay . . .exhale . . . things are better. Thursday night we decided to implement the Great Bedtime Routine (GBR), and most likely Iris was just beyond exhausted, but she went to bed fairly easily and slept in Matt’s room in the play yard, so I got a little sleep. Of course, I still woke up every couple hours (damn it!) but I got more rest over all. Friday night, GBR again and she woke up for the first time at 6:30 am! Yay! Saturday night and Sunday night were both about the same. Maybe there is a light at the end of the sleepless tunnel? Our GBR starts at 8:00 pm and consists of a bath, then jammies, tooth brushing, and a few books before a little nursing and then off to bed. She says “night night bed” (more like “nigh nigh bed”) and we sit next to her and keep a hand on her back lest she think we’re dumping her off in the black hole of her bedroom. So, it’s working.

Of course, in the morning we are leaving for Milwaukee, which very well may shoot the GBR all to hell. We’ll see. It’s the first time I will have been back to WI in almost a year and half, when Iris was 9 weeks old. No one in my family has seen her since then, and most of my extended family on my mother’s side has never even met her. It’s going to be so incredible to watch her interact with my family and especially my nephews. Not terribly excited about the plane trip tomorrow, but I’m about as planned for it as a person could possibly get. The past week has consisted of list making, laundry, packing and cleaning. Our carry-ons have carefully organized Ziploc bags of every amenity we could possible need for Iris while she’s en route. Extra wipes? Check. Sippy cup? Check. Small plastic moon men and lemurs to keep her entertained? Check and check. There is a hilarious store in Seattle called Archie McPhee's and I got most of the toys for Iris’s entertainment there. It is so much to fun shop there, because they don’t sell a single thing that a person could actually need but lots of things you can’t bear to live without!

So, anyways, our trip starts tomorrow at 8:30 am (sharp!) and a layover in Denver then arriving in Milwaukee in time for a dinner of homemade pizza at my sister’s house. If you’ve ever eaten my sister’s homemade pizza, you know that that alone is worth a trip to Milwaukee for. Yum! I am secretly hoping for her delicious margaritas, but that might be stretching my luck a bit. Later that night we drive the hour back to my parents house where Iris will, no doubt, refuse to go to sleep and instead rampage through their house breaking everything that I’ve already warned my mother should be put away. We will see!

More tales of the Milwaukee 2005 Trip to come . . . .