Sunday, January 22, 2006

Just checkin' in

I have been feeling so completely BLAH lately that it's been really hard to come up with a single thing to say in my blog for the last while. There actually isn't even a whole lot going on right now! Let's see . . . I got a bee in my bonnet to find a new place to live, but after touring three very different, and equally terrible, apartments Matt and I decided to invest a little money and energy in to the place we are in now. We pretty much need everything-- a couch, a dining table, an entertainment center, beds. We also are going to hire someone to come in and do a deep clean on our apartment-- two years of living here have created many nooks and crannies of gunk! So, we feel good about that decision. I especially am excited to go SHOPPING! Horray!

I had acupuncture again yesterday and it didn't have the same life-changing effect that it did last time, which is pretty much expected. Usually the first treatment is the one that changes you the most, and from then on it's more just maintenance.

It's been hard to be a mother to Iris while I'm feeling so crappy. My patience has dwindled, my energy is almost non-existent and I have pretty high expectations of her attitude and behavior. Matt has continued to be her number one man through this rough time, they've been best buds, which is really great. She also has been sleeping a little better-- it's still rough getting to sleep, but she's been staying asleep, luckily!

All of us have been dealing amazingly well with all the changes. It gives my heart warm fuzzies and high hopes for all the transitions to come.