Saturday, January 07, 2006

Taking a message board sabbatical

I am challenging myself to stay completely off, not even a peak!, the message boards I have become totally addicted to and let consume FAR too much of my energy. I feel like such a boob that I even got to the point that I cared so much about some of the discussions that I let myself get riled up over it. Ugh! So far, so good. Yesterday I spent much, much less time on the computer and I didn't really miss it. Today I'm at work and I'm bored, so it's a little harder not to fall back on the old standby of "hmmmm, better see what's going on with the message boards!"

Actually, I am hoping that a month sabbatical helps wean me from them all together, since I think it will easily become an obsession again if I let myself look even a little bit. Surely Matt will be happy that I won't be starting sentences with "the funniest thing happened on the message board!" or "you'll never guess what this mama on the board did!" Maybe I can actually talk about real life people now? Hmmmm . . . what a thought!


So, I took Iris to her first swimming lesson the other day, and it really was alot of fun. Getting lost on the way there and having to scramble to get our suits on and in to the pool wasn't so fun, but the water part, Iris REALLY got a kick out of it! Her friend, Jake and his daddy Andy were there, too, and she loved seeing Jake. If we got too far away from him she would start yelling "Jake!" between squeals of excitement. She is certainly going to be a swimmer, and I swear, if I had let her go she would have swam right off! That makes me pretty happy, since I grew up swimming, it's in my blood!

In other, somewhat sad news, it turns out my dear friend Melissa isn't pregnant after all. I was bummed to hear the news as I couldn't believe what luck we had both accidentally getting pregnant within a week of each other. Hopefully she will be pregnant again soon! I only wish that, mostly, because my pregnancy misery would love company :)

Okay, back to work . . . .