Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Bored off my booty

So I'm at work, sitting here, bored as hell. The clinic I work at recently moved a few blocks down the street, so our department (as well as the rest of the clinic!) is in total chaos. I don't feel like dealing with any of it, so I'm trying to do my normal work, but I'm the only one here and I can't stay focused on work to save my life. I'll blame it on the pregnancy.

So there have been recent rumblings of Matt not getting this fancy new job we've been fucking DYING for him to get. Now I'm mad at the pervy assholes who were supposed to hire him and fix everything that sucks about our lives. Apparently the guy who does the hiring told Matt's co-worker that they aren't hiring any of the people who have already applied- BEFORE he ever told Matt. Nice, huh? See, a pervy asshole. Now I'm in a poopy mood because I had been silently writing my resignation letter for the job at this stupid clinic I work at. Now I'll have to put it off until a bigger and better job comes along. Sigh. Too bad these assholes don't know how great Matt would have done working for them. Oh, well, their loss. And ours, I suppose.

We had a fantastic weekend, which was nice. Usually I work on Saturdays, but this past Saturday the clinic was closed for the move, so I was forced to stay home. Suprisingly, Matt and I got through two and a haf whole days without fighting with each other, which felt really nice. Maybe it's progress? It also is so indulgent for me to be at home that long with help with the chores, and taking care of Iris. I got so much rest it was crazy-- CRAZY! A girl can get spoiled!

There actually isn't much else new to report. I like it that way. Nothing much going on, no new news.

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