Monday, February 06, 2006

It's time again . . .

for me to jump on the E-Bay bandwagon and bid like crazy on silly items that no one really needs. Tonight it was Little People. Fisher Price Little People circa 1970's, to be more precise. My dear friend Melissa re-introduced them to me and my childhood flashbacks kicked in like crazy. Iris and her playmates also went gaga over them the other day, so I decided, in a moment of weakness, to sneak a peek at E-Bay, you know, just to see what they had. Well, I hit the Little People jackpot, but these things aren't going cheaply. I must say I did okay, ending the evening with just under $50 spent on about 35 pieces of Little People. I was most excited to get a swing set (Iris seemed to love the one her friend had) and a big set of cars, trains and tractors to share with Melissa.

Being a mama means I get to re-live so many parts of my childhood, sometimes in my head, but sometimes, such as with Little People, in real life. Puttering a car around on the floor with the kids the other day I was magically taken back to being five again. Can't put a price on moments like that, can you? Okay, well, if you're my partner, Matt, arguably, a price limit has to be set. At least for one night, I was an E-Bay goddess, gobbling up Little People. I've got my eye on an A-frame house complete with all the extras. Bidding ends in six days, at which point I am sure the bidding will be comparable to nice piece of jewelry, but I'm watching it none-the-less.

I can't imagine any of Iris's toys being worth this much some day. I am sure they will hold plenty of special value to her, but on the auction market, who cares about the cheap plastic crap that gets made these days? I hope I turn out to be the kind of mama that keeps all of my children's special toys, and breaks them out again some day when they have children of their own. I envy parents who have done that, although I can't really fault my own folks for not being quite so sentimental about my own childhood treasures. We moved so many freakin' times when I was young, they probably just started getting sick of lugging the crap around. I can relate, as every time I move now more and more gets tossed in the trash. For my grandchildren's sake, I'll have to start being more conscientious.