Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Oh please oh please oh please

So, I finally got up the courage to let Matt know that I wanted to have a serious discussion about the possibility of me finally (finally!) quitting my job if (if!) he gets this new job at T-Mobile. We are both seriously crossing our fingers, as the pay raise would actually be as much as I make in an entire year, hence the possibility of me being able to quit my job if he gets it. Much to my relief, he said he had also thought of that already and agreed it would be a good idea. Now we're both trying not to think about it too much, as we don't want to get our hopes up. I don't know, it just feels really, really promising. Matt is such a pessimist at this point in his life that he gets his hopes up about absolutely nothing, I, on the other hand, am still a tiny bit of a closet optimist. At least about this, I am.

In other news, I have to confess that I won another Little People auction on E-Bay today. I also put in my absolute highest bid on an auction that doesn't end for five more days. I am having bidder's remorse about that one, however, as I have already hit my spending limit for Little People at this point in time. Hmmmm, can I take my bid away? I'll have to look in to that. Sigh. It's so easy and fun to bid like crazy! My dear friend Stephanie pointed out that it might be a dangerous and slippery slope for me to be a stay at home mom with computer access. I think she might be right! Don't tell Matt :)

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  1. Well... I would have wanted to comment on your other little people post but you haven't getten there yet so this one will do :)
    I am a BIG little people collection. I seem to have an eye for finding little treaures...
    We have the full set of the A-Frame, the school, the house, the farm, the full circus train... we have two castles, the western town, camping van and other vans, buses... tons of little people, cars etc...
    I also have 4 Record players and a whole array of other vintage Fisher price toys... (do you remember the movie viewer)
    Anyways... just to say that I share the addiction of trying to relive and share my childhood :)


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