Friday, February 10, 2006

Picking my battles

Today was an interesting day showcasing my neurotic tendencies and also my totally passive tendencies as a mother. We'll start with my neurotic ones, shall we? I got a voice mail from Julia, the woman who watches Iris on Thursdays, informing me that her daughter was sick with a stomach virus. Throwing up and the whole nine yards. Of course, being the neurotic mama I am, I immediately freaked out and starting cursing the day I ever needed a babysitter. Surely my trip to buy nursing bras yesterday wasn't worth exposing her to these kind of germs! Okay, breathe . . . Matt has calmly informed me that if she's going to get sick, she's already contracted the virus, and if not, then she hasn't. Hmmpf. I guess that's a pretty simple explanation. At any rate, I made her wash her hands a few times (like that will help now!) and gave her some extra Thymactiv, both acts I am sure has kept Iris as illness-free as she has been this whole year. Matt and I can't even remember the last time she was sick, even with the sniffles. Maybe last fall some time? I think she missed a day of co-op in October, from a slight fever. If she gets sick with this particular illness, I'll be heartbroken (and terrified of contracting it myself, especially pregnant) but I'll still be glad we've done as good of a job as we have keeping her well this year. Especially compared to last year when it seemed like she was sick just about every three weeks. Ugh. Anyways, we're knocking on wood and poor Matt didn't even want to talk about it for fear of jinxing her good health, and our good luck.

So, on to how I'm beyond passive. Today Iris and I met Melissa, her son, and the girl she nanny's for at a local park. We had never been to that particular park before so Iris had a blast exploring. She is completely fearless when it comes to climbing on play structures and going down slides. Melissa, on the other hand, barely wanted to let go of the hands of her kids, and was terrified of letting them run free, mostly out of fear of them hurting themselves. After all, it really does suck when someone else's child gets hurt on your watch. At one point Iris and I were on top of the play structure, and she decided to slide down a corkscrew slide. I couldn't see the bottom from where I was standing at the top, but she had already been down once and so I wasn't worried. Melissa was also at the bottom, attending to her little brood, but not really watching Iris. So, Iris slides down and apparently turned on her side and fell of the end of the slide and landed on her head. Or so Melissa reported. I just heard Melissa say something like "oh my god! Iris fell on her head!" and I said, "is she crying?" (I didn't hear her crying.) and she said "no." I was like "okay!" and slid down the slide to check things out. Iris was just fine and kept on with her activities. That kind of stuff just doesn't bother me as much these days. I have to work really hard at being a more hands-off mama, and understand that bumps and bruises are par for the course when you have an exploring toddler. A little while later she climbed up a small hill and decided to wander off and try to walk/slide back down in another spot. All on her own. Again, I couldn't really see her, which ended up being fine, she didn't hurt herself. I probably should have watched her more closely, I could feel Melissa's quiet gasps as I glanced over to try and figure out where my daughter was. This is certainly one area she and I are pretty different on! I tried not to bring it up the rest of the afternoon, but I sometimes think she feels the need to explain to me why she doesn't let her kids explore more. I have to hand it to her, wrangling two toddlers is really, really hard (heck, the reason Iris wandered off down the hill was because I was trying to closely watch Melissa's son).

So, anyways, in completely unrelated news, it turns out Iris is the most brilliantly, talented toddler of all time. The other night, all on her own, she jumped in the air and kicked her ball. At the same time. Completely unprompted. I had to stop and think about the coordination that required when I tried to re-create the act for Matt. Luckily, Iris did it again, the second time on cue, so Matt got to see it and didn't think I was making things up. So, my new theory is that she's going to be a soccer player. A little Mia Hamm! Of course, she's over it, hasn't tried to do it again.

She also is really in to learning the ABC's song. She knows the melody, and some of the letters, so mostly she babbles it and interjects what she really knows. The past couple of days she has also started interjecting other things in to the song, like "hmmmm hmmm hmmmm nursey booby hmmm hmmmm hmmmm" and I think it's incredibly creative and adorable. Of course, I'm her mama! Everything she does is creative and adorable!

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