Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Be careful what you wish for!

I finally got my wish . . . Miss Iris is basically sleeping through the night. When she does wake up, she rarely needs my help to get back to sleep other than maybe finding her blankie for her or repositioning her when she flips with her head pointed towards the end of the bed. A little side note, she woke up last night and said "mama! hello!" like she was totally surprised to see me right next to her. Those sort of moments I don't mind waking up occasionally for.

Okay, so the down side of this? She's consistently waking up earlier in the morning. About 7:00-7:30 at the latest is the best I can get on most days. Today we made it to 7:45. Now, I know there are people out there who don't think that's so bad. And 7:00, in general, isn't that bad. But, she doesn't go to sleep until about 9:30. Not for lack of trying, of course, but that's her pre-set time, give or take 15 minutes. For those doing the math at home, it means she gets, at best, 10 hours of sleep a night. Of course, I wouldn't fret if she napped for decent stretches at a time, but no. I am lucky these days if I get an hour out of her. Again, with the math, that's about 11 hours of sleep a day. Yippeee! Hell, I think I need more sleep than that every day!

Iris is still sleeping in my bed at night, but napping in her own bed during the day. She is still having a hard time with Matt putting her down at night, and I fear that we're not very close to getting her to sleep all night in her own bed at night. For some reason, I think she's still more comfortable with me putting her to sleep, so I may have to take over her bed times in order to have the switch happen.

This morning at co-op I was telling Teacher Janice my daughter's sleeping woes, and of course she out did me. One of her sons gave up naps at nine months. Nine months! My god! I didn't ask, but I sure hope he slept about 14 hours a night :) I am very worried that Iris will give up her nap early. With the pregnancy, and the new baby coming, I need the girl to nap! Of course, once that time rolls around I'm sure I'll be bitching about getting two babies to nap at the same time.

I also pray for the new baby to be a good sleeper. Of course, I should probably be careful what I wish for! He/she may be a great sleeper, and a terrible breastfeeder! Sigh, wouldn't that be my luck?

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