Saturday, March 18, 2006

The cutest thing ever

I keep forgetting to blog about this!

Have you heard the song by James Blunt called “Beautiful”? It’s the dreamiest, most lovely song, currently playing just about everywhere. For a while Iris and I would watch videos in the morning after we woke up, and inevitably that video would come on. There is a line in the chorus that goes “you’re beautiful, it’s true” and I always thought that was the sweetest, so I would sing it to Iris. Once I just said “you’re beautiful” and Iris finished “it’s true” and now she says the whole thing by herself. Sometimes just spontaneously, which makes my heart melt.

Her father also taught her "rock on!", which is a hand sign in which you put your index and pinky finger up, while tucking your middle and ring finger and thumb in to the palm of your hand while saying “rock on!” (think mullet-haired head bangers at a Slayer concert). She’s getting the hang of it, and spends quite a bit of time trying to get her hands in to that configuration. One day, while riding in the car, we heard her in the back seat going “rock on!” and had finally figured out how to get her hands to comply. It’s hysterical and also very, very cute.

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