Friday, March 03, 2006

Decisions in midwifery

So, I don't think I've posted much about it on my blog, but over the past many weeks I have gone through a huge amount of turmoil about what I want to do about my prenatal care and where I want to birth this baby. I had met with the midwives I had when I was pregnant with Iris, and they helped me feel more confident in attempting an out of hospital birth this time. For anyone who doesn't know, I was transferred in labor and ended up with a fully medicated, vacuum birth with Iris-- VERY far from the birth I had been dreaming of. So, I thought about it for a while, and decided to try and find midwives and a birth center closer to our home. My previous midwives practice very far away from where we live, and now that I have to consider my whole family's needs, it just felt way too far away. I attempted to meet with a new group of midwives, but I just didn't get good vibes from them while trying to get the appt scheduled (which they subsequently rescheduled twice) so I cancelled my appointment and settled on going with my former midwives. I must say, I am really happy about my decision. My first prenatal appointment yesterday absolutely solidified my decision about going with them, again.

It was a wonderful appointment. Matt met me there and was able to participate in the whole visit. We got to hear the baby's heartbeat! It was amazing, Traci put the doppler on my belly and immediately got the heart beat. It became very real for me at that moment that I was carrying another baby. Yes, my belly is expanding, and yes, I have all the physical (and emotional) symptoms of pregnancy, but getting the evidence of a living being in your tummy is pretty freakin' amazing. I could probably be pregnant a million times and still be in awe of hearing the heartbeat. By far the most wonderful part of the visit was chatting with both of the midwives. Heike was attending a birth in another room, but stopped in a couple of times to say hi to us. They are both so excited that I've decided to do my prenantal care with them. They were saying that the receptionist called Heike to tell her I scheduled my appointment, and then Heike called Traci, who was away on vacation, because they were so excited. It's not very often I get that sort of reception. Traci had told me that last time I was there I was Heike's "favorite" patient that year! Again, I am never anyone's favorite anything, so it felt so nice to be told those things. I am thrilled to be having my baby with these midwives.

Today I had a long coversation with a woman who teaches this hypnobirthing class. She sounded amazing, so I'm pretty excited to get to work with her. I kept giggling to myself imagining Matt going through these classes with me, but I know he'll do fine, because it's what I want. The thing that appeals the most to me about hypnobirthing is that it helps erase fear and helps the mother remain calm and centered in birth. Heck, she also claims that most of her patients have shorter, more pain-free births, so I'm game for that! Her classes are also private sessions, which works well for me. It will give Matt and I a chance to really get in to it and work with the instructor. Sigh. this whole birth thing is really coming together! Now I just need to find my doula. I called one this morning, haven't heard back from her yet. She came highly recommended by Traci, which is great. I want a doula who is VERY experienced in natural, out of hospital births. My last doula was so, so, so amazing, and was there for me through my insanely long labor, but this time I need someone more versed in natural childbirth. Someone with a few more tricks up her sleeve :) I also am trying to figure out a way to start taking prenatal yoga classes, so I can be a loose and limber yoga mama. How cool would that be?

Okay, next post: decisions in laptops! Yes, my two obsessions right now are finding the perfect birthing team, and finding the perfect laptop. Matt has given me the go-ahead to pick one out I like, so I'm taking him up on it!

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