Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Looking for a new cat?

I'm quickly nearing the end of my rope with my precious little fluffy. I've had my cat, Benjamin, for over ten years, and he is probably about 15 now. Once he was the best buddy I ever had, and now he's the bane of my existence.

You see, my sweet, sweet kitty pees on things. EVERYTHING. He has ruined two beds, several rugs, a couple of chairs, and now has his sights set on our living room carpet. I've worked my ass off trying to clean the carpet, but it still smells like we live in the center of a litter box. I've spent SO much money and SO much time dealing with this, and it's still a mess. I'd like to kick the little kitty to the curb (or pack his tiny suitcase, as my friend Melissa puts it) but who can I give a geriatric cat to who pees on everything? I am embarassed to even have anyone in our home, feeling that I have constantly apologize for the foul odor.

Our newest course of action is to try and get the landlord to let us rip up the carpeting in our living room. In trying to clean one of the areas of carpeting I discovered, much to my elation, that we have hardwood floors under our carpeting. Seeing that we have hardwoods in the rest of the apartment, it seems silly to me that we have carpeting in only one room. So, we're on a campaign to make that happen. Pretty soon poor Benjamin won't have a single soft thing to lay on and he'll spend the rest of his life of cold, hard floors. At least he won't pee on wood.

He spends a great deal of time locked in the hallway, and I am starting to think it might have to become his permanent home. I can't even put a towel down for him to lay on in the hallway, either, because he'll pee on it! Smart cat.

Sigh, so this is what has been consuming my energy. I think because I'm pregnant and incredibly sensitive to smells it is really, really affecting me. It's kind of messing with my head, actually. Living in a home with wafting foul odors 24 hours a day is enough to make a person crazy!

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