Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Oh. My. Goodness.

I just had to quickly post while I am still on the high from my first ever prenatal yoga class. It was SO amazing. I kind of expected to go there and work my booty and have to keep telling myself "suck it up wussy, this is good for me!" But it was about as far from that experience as possible. It was seriously relaxing, and calming, and a little bit of work, but like I said, I'm a wuss, and it wasn't too much for me. I gather most yoga rooms look like this, but it was a big room with three big windows and hardwood floors. Dimly lit with that nice soft music that typically pisses me off, but tonight I liked it. It was so nice to just have time for ME, which I really never get. Even at home when Iris is sleeping I'm doing something, like cleaning, or working on my computer, or watching tv. None of these things exactly "feed my soul" so to speak. I had no idea how depleted I was getting, and this yoga class opened me up to a whole new world of mama-centered deliciousness.

Now I just want to tell every mama I know, pregnant or about to be pregnant, or never going to be pregnant again, to try a yoga class. To do something really wonderful for their body and mind, cause mama's sure need it, and so does everyone else in her family!

I haven't done alot of yoga in my life, a little here and there. Several years ago in college I used to yoga a couple of times a week with a friend, but it didn't last long and I don't remember much of it. My brother-in-law used to be a yoga teacher, as well. He and my sister have showed me a few things throughout the years, but again, mostly I have forgotten it all. As I was leaving the class I was reflecting on how different I felt, and how life-changing it must be for people who practice regularily. I thought about BIL and how he's such a calm, centered, gentle guy. I often envy my sister's relationship because it seems so even-keeled (she considers it a little boring at times, but I say, at least you're not screaming at each other!) and I just can't help but think how much of his yoga practice contributes to that.

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