Monday, March 13, 2006

Okay, I think I'm done.

I'm done with being sick! Ugh! I am (hopefully) on the tail end of some sort of mysterious sickness lumped under the "gastroenteritis" category. Bascially what that means is morning sickness mixed with chills/hot flashes, light-headedness and sleepiness, combined with the "dreaded poo". Matt has turned in to super dad, bascially taking over 100% of household duties and toddler care for the past three days. He's my new hero!

I'm also done with work. I had to work on Saturday, very sick, because no one else was going to be there. I've never had to work this sick before in my life and honestly, it was the worst day of work I've ever had in my life. I felt like I was going to die. I work in a medical records office, and in the past few months two people who totalled 60 hours of work a week have quit. And not been replaced. As you might suspect, things are a little stressed and more than a bit screwed up in the office. So, I am trying to work while feeling like I'm going to die, all the while everything is a wreck. I was very much ready to walk out and never come back, seriously. It was the first time I've felt that fed up with this job, and it has been sucky for a LONG time. I took tonight and tomorrow night off of work so I can continue to recover.

I'm done with all the co-op crap I have to do right now! Done, done, DONE! I get anywhere from one to three phone calls a day that I have to spend time on, explaining how the co-op works, what people have to do to enroll, answering questions. I'm really tired of doing it.

As explained in my previous post, I'm done with my cat. Enough said.

I'm really done being pregnant, as well. I know most of my exhaustion is coming from being sick, but I just want to have ME back for even one day. I'm watching this show on TLC about this family named Duggar-- they currently have 16 children. I look at this woman, and I'm not in awe of her raising these kids, but rather that she carried them all in her uterus for nine months. She is by far a better woman than I will ever be, as I sit here and long for the day I go in for my tube-tying/breast lift surgery after I'm done having children :) Could I be a bigger wimp? Yeah, I don't think so, but I don't care. I'm not made to birth babies!

Okay, so now I'm done complaining.

On a good note, Matt has commented on how nice and positive I have been through all my the crap I am going through on the inside. I honestly try really, really hard to put on my happy face despite being sick/stressed/pissed off/tired/over-whelmed. I must say I think I'm doing a pretty good job of it! It's easier when Matt is here to give me a hand when I need it. Sometimes I get down on him because I don't think he's very good at helping out with family things, but if I've learned one thing from the past few days, it's that he can completely kick ass when it comes down to it. Knowing I have him there to rely on when I truly need it makes me feel a lot better about things.

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