Wednesday, March 22, 2006

See what happens when I strike up conversations with people?

I've talked a little bit on my blog about the pre-school co-op that I am involved in with Iris. We're 3/4 of the way through the school year and I have yet to really get to know anyone, mostly due to my shyness but also due to the fact that I'm judgemental and automatically assumed I had little in common with the other parents. I'm the youngest mom there, the only one un-married, and our family makes what appears to be much less money than everyone else. See? I already grouped myself in to a seperate little class without any doing it to me.

Anyways, so the word recently spread that I am pregnant. Today is the most I've ever talked to people at school because they were all congratulating me, asking how I felt, etc etc. Iris and another child were playing by each other, so I was talking for a bit to his mama. She had another baby not too long ago and I was asking where she had him, kind of the normal run of the mill conversation fodder. Somehow I volunteered up that I was going to be taking hypnobirthing classes with this baby. I expected to get a blank look and a "what? like hypnosis?" type response. Much to my delight, she told me that she also used hypnobirthing with her baby! I was SO excited to find this out! It turns out she used one of the two women I am trying to decide between and it definitely helped during her birth. She had her son in a hospital, naturally, and he was over 10 lbs, I think. At least 10 lbs, anyways. We didn't have time to continue our conversation (kids to look after, after all!) but I can't wait to talk to her more about it. She's the first woman I've met in real life who has used hypnobirthing.

Moments like that also make realize that often times I put myself inside a bubble and cut myself off from the possibility of making friends or even just connecting with people.

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  1. Hypnobirthing is great - worked for me all the way and for my 9.5 lb baby (he'll be 6 mo tomorrow). No drugs and no pain, just a lot of pressure and breathing work and my husband's help in keeping me focused. It will definitely work for you - just get a good partner to keep you centered and a quiet, uninterrupted environment to give birth. Good luck and if you have any questions, feel free to write - Renie (blue.leap at


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