Tuesday, March 21, 2006

What to do, what to do

So I've been tossing around the idea of having my next baby at home. Now I'm in the process of making this decision, and I hardly know where to begin. Not actually having birthed at a birth center OR at home before, I'm kind of lost.

I LOVE the birth center that my midwives practice at. It's beautiful and all three rooms have cool hot tubs. That's about the most it has going for it. It's far from our home, almost an hour drive, depending on traffic. There also aren't any good accomodations for anyone who wants to be at the birth center and wait while I'm in labor. This concerns me mostly because I want Iris to be able to be close by, but there really isn't good space for her to be there for possibly hours. Also, at a birth center, you come home hours after birth, with a tiny baby. Obviously there's not much difference between driving a 24 hour old baby and a 5 hour old baby, but I just don't like thinking about having to do that.

Okay, so at home. We live in an apartment, for one. We have a downstairs neighbor and a neighbor on one side. My bedroom doesn't share walls with any other apartment, however, but I am sure I won't spend the whole time in there. I also don't LOVE being at home. I don't always feel the most comfortable here, but it is my home, and it's where all my stuff is, where all of Matt and Iris's stuff is, and most importantly, where the food is! Ha ha. We also have a tiny hot water heater that barely gets us through a normal day, let alone a labor and birth. I know if we rented a tub, we could heat water on the stove, but that would eliminate using the shower, and there would have to be hot water left for after the baby's birth. I also wouldn't have to go anywhere! Everyone would come to me! The baby wouldn't have to be transported for a long, long time if we didn't want her/him to be. It might be a little more expensive to have a home birth, as we'd have to rent our own tub, get our own supplies, etc. However, I don't know if we are charged less for not using the birth center facilities, so that might even out. Most importantly, Iris can stay home, and Matt and I can stay home, and we'll all just be HERE instead of scrambling to get everyone out the door. I guess I don't know for sure, but having Iris close by while I go through this labor and birth would be really wonderful for me. I also think that it would be great, if she wanted to be there, she could participate in the birth. Who knows, she may be more interested in watching Teletubbies!

I'm going to talk to my midwives in depth about all of this to see what they think. I am sure there are many, many points I haven't even thought about that I have to consider. Also, I need Matt to be fully (well, at least 75%) on board with that choice.

Sigh, what to do, what to do!


  1. Do whatever you're comfortable with, I say!

    Nice blog... I enjoyed the read.

  2. I think you have to really look at what you want to do and what you feel comfortable with....
    I was more then an hour away from the birthing center when I was pregnant with Colin (without Traffic). I had the same worries as you did and I worried until the last day... Not only that but DH also works an hour a way and doesn't drive...
    I was really getting prepared for a home birth if things progressed to quickly to get to the birthing center...
    However, my water broke and I had no contractions so I waited for 2 1/2 hours for my friend to pick up DH and get out of the city with the after work traffic, get here, load the car and then drive the hour and then again got stuck in traffic... only with small contractions by the time I got to the birthing center...
    All that to say... If I had the choice I would have stayed at home but things worked out in a way that it made more sense to go to the birthing center since birthing at home would have meant birthing without a midwife (which I was not ready yet for)...

  3. I loved my homebirth! But, I also had no fear over birthing at home. I think that was very important. Were I in your situation, I think the distance would be too much of a distracting worry for me. Whichever plan you decide upon, I recommend also having a backup plan or two. For me, reading birth stories was much more helpful preparation than asking questions.


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