Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I woke up to find two exciting things had occured with my blog over night. One is that my counter reached over 1,000 and two is that I got my first comment spam! Ha ha.

I put the counter on here several months after I started the blog, actually, but not that many people knew about it or were reading it. I also wasn't updating it very often. I still don't know who's reading these days, but it's pretty exciting for me to have such a high number of hits.

Oh, and I erased the comment spam. Unless anyone wants access to free porn, then I'll be happy to send along a name for you to contact. I also tried to "tighten up" the security on my comments, while still making them open to the public. I hope it's still easy to leave comments. Let me know via email if you're having any trouble. I did add an email address on my profile a little bit ago if you feel like using it. You know, to say hi, let me know about porn, those kinds of things (oh the barrage of mail I'm going to recieve now!) I also like friends and have a fragile ego, so any friendly comments are welcome!

Thanks for reading, I truly do appreciate it.

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