Sunday, April 02, 2006

I'm baaaaaack!

Yes, the day and half of frolicking and fun is over. I am back safely in the comfort of my home, sitting in my glider, working on my computer. Sigh. I barely blinked and I missed the vacation (if you can call being gone a day and a half a vacation).

Melissa and I went to Portland. We took the train down yesterday morning at the wee early hour of 7:30 and were in Portland by noon. We checked in to our hotel and then promptly ran right out and got pizza. Somehow, inexplicably, Portland has devine pizza and Seattle got all the crap. I don't understand how that happened. I could understand if bad pizza plagued this whole area of the country, but no. Apparently just Seattle. We then went on to see the very famous Powell's bookstore before walking up towards the Pearl District. All we had heard was how cool the Pearl District was and what a great neighborhood it was to shop in. Whoever decided that 1. has more money than I'll ever see in my lifetime and 2. is an idiot. The Pearl District is boring and has little going on, as far as we could tell. We then walked a good 12 blocks west in to the Northwest District (apparently not cool enough for their own website) and found it to be much more our speed. Lots of people out and about, lots of fun stores and shopping to be had. We enjoyed browsing in Lush and both left with a "bath bomb" and Melissa got some cool soap. We also stopped in a toy store very similar to Top Ten Toys in Seattle and a kids clothing store where a shopper let her gigantic dog wander unattended through racks of the most expensive kids clothes I've ever seen. $140 for a dress?!?! Yikers! Let's see . . . then we wandered back towards a Trader Joe's to get some snacks and water before trying to figure out how to get back to the hotel without walking. We discovered a friendly cab driver who took us there. Oh, on a side note, everyone in Portland was SO. FREAKIN. NICE. I couldn't believe it. Not a single person we interacted with was even the slightest bit crabby. It was pretty cool after understanding pretty deeply what the "Seattle chill" means. Let's see, so we got back to the hotel and decided to go to dinner. On our way out the door we pass two of the dudes from Eagle's of Death Metal (maybe better known from Queen's of the Stone Age). To be honest, I didn't know who they were, but Melissa knew immediately. We called the daddy's to let them know about our celebrity run-in and they were impressed. So, we wandered on down to Jake's Grill, a fancy "surf and turf" type joint. I had a steak. A real, live, $27 steak (and that was the cheapest one on the menu). We also split a decadent dessert before retiring to the hotel room for the evening. It was 8:30. We were pooped.

The next morning we hung out and watched a little local news. THIS NEWS STORY WAS VERY INTERESTING! Any mama would have to have SOMETHING to say about this. Check out this link: Husband on Strike. So, the way this news story goes, this couple has two children. The first child co-slept until 6 months of age, then moved in to his own crib. Now the baby daughter is co-sleeping IN A CO-SLEEPER and the father is all pissed off and actually started this website to prove to the whole world what a jackass he is. He's literally "on strike" on the roof of his house (which is purely symbolic, he only goes up there a few hours a day, and certainly wouldn't sleep up there) to prove some kind of juvenille point. There's not much to see on the website so far, but his banner states: Welcome to Home of the National Association of Desperate Husbands! My Mission Is To Get My Wife To Remove The Children From Our Marriage Bed! My Bedroom Should Be A Den Of Love And Not Some Dungeon Filled With Diapers And Toys! 'Nuff said.

After that we went out for breakfast, a little more shopping, and caught the 12:30 train back to Seattle. All in all, it was a fun, relaxing, rejuvinating trip and it has completely solidified my desire to move to Portland. I absolutely love this city and the affordability and family-friendliness is really appealing to me. Plus, seeing mulitudes of children carried in slings (by moms AND dads) just had me going gaga.

Before I leave you, here's one more link. This story from the Oregonian is absolutely terrifying, but it also demonstrates to how freakin' cool people can be when someone needs help. The people of Portland are amazing, thank you for letting us partake in your beautiful city!


  1. The man on strike? I actually get that. If he's ready to have his marriage bed back, that's not a bad thing. Marriage is about partnership.

  2. I heard about that guy through my area hip mamas. I'd leave his ass outside. Pretty sad if he feels a room w/his baby in is about as welcoming as a dungeon.


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