Saturday, April 15, 2006

Lots of new pictures!

This morning we went to the "Bunny Bounce" at the Woodland Park Zoo, which was just a big Easter egg hunt. Well, not so much hunt as just a "look down on the ground at the piles of eggs and pick them up" type thing, but it was pretty fun. There were SO many people there, as was expected, but I always forget what it actually is going to be like. Even though Iris is such an outgoing girl, sometimes in situations like that she gets really reserved. She spent most of the time just standing there looking around. It was fun to see so many friends there, and to see all the children, too. Here's a couple of photos from the egg hunt:

Last weekend I went to watch Iris and Matt's swimming lesson, so here's a few pictures from that:

Here's Iris sitting in the new glider that I got a few weeks ago:

Looking cool in her (actually, my) Sonics hat and her backpack:

At the zoo a few weeks ago (check out the snot!):

Iris's play area in the corner of our living room:

That's all for today!


  1. Bummer - we must have just missed you at the Bunny Bounce!

  2. can you do me a favor? can you just squish the mess out of that cute lil peanut for me? thanks.


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