Friday, April 21, 2006

My new obsession

I have moved many, many times in my life, therefor I have had many friends gained and subsequently lost. I went to two different high schools in WI, moved a couple of times after high school, went to college (and moved while there many times), left that city to move in with my sister before coming out to Seattle to finish college. I have lived in four different places in the 4 1/2 years I've lived in Seattle. Obviously, I have a little trouble staying put :)

So, like I said, many friends (and old flames!) gained and lost. I often wonder where they all are. Several weeks ago there was a brutal murder at a home in Seattle, and my dear friend Melissa lost an old friend in the shooting. She's been dealing with the effects of that ever since. One thing that has come of it is that Melissa has gotten in touch with alot of people she knew back in high school, just touching base, sharing stories and grief, that sort of thing. I was so inspired that she made so many contacts and it made me think more deeply about the people in my past. Where are they now? How can I even get ahold of them?

All of this wondering has led to several fruitless hours of online searching and a few bucks lost to registering with (although I now wonder if people actually still use that site? It doesn't seem to have much recent activity) and, well, lots of thinking. I was contacted by an old friend last fall, he wanted to invite me to his upcoming wedding. Through that conversation I got the number of my old BFF and finally, after all this time, I called her and left a message today. I haven't talked to her in four years-- she doesn't even know I have a child, or another on the way, and I obviously know nothing about her life.

Even though I love all the travelling I've done, and where my life has taken me, I certainly am jealous of people who've had friends throughout their whole lives. Matt is one of these people. He has known his best friends since grade school. One of them lives just across town, and we see them fairly often. I couldn't imagine still being that close to my BFF. How wonderful would it be to be raising my children along side of her, or just being able to meet for coffee or dinner once in a while.

So, this is my new obsession. Connecting with as much of my past as I can. I honestly don't really know how to go much further than I have been, but maybe just having the intention out in the world will make something happen :)


  1. try and

    those seem to be the new hotness in reconnecting.

    i'm at if you wanna see how a page looks before you join.

    (cuz, y'know, i'm SO creative)

  2. I found a couple old friends on classmates and myspace. I'm juliaeaton on myspace although it's not very interesting. I'm using that space for promoting my books mostly.

    I like hooking up with old friends because it makes my life seem more rounded to see how we've changed and in some cases we've changed in a lot of the same ways.


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