Sunday, April 23, 2006

Oh, yay!

Our living room carpet is finally GONE GONE GONE! I have been dying for this disgusting carpet to get ripped up-- between the cat peeing on it and the inexplicable stains that kept showing up on it, blech. It was so gross. But as of today, the carpeting is gone, and now our whole apartment is hardwood floors. I am sure the neighbor below us is jumping for joy that he no longer has a sound barrier from our daughter's screaming. Hee hee. Matt and a friend spent a good portion of the day doing the work, all I had to do was keep Iris out of the apartment. I'll have to post some pictures of our awesome new floor! It's pretty beat up, but I actually like it that way. I won't have to worry that every little thing that happens to it is ruining it, like I do with the rest of the hardwoods in the apartment. They laid new flooring everywhere but the living room, where they apparently decided it would be better to cover the floor with cheap carpeting than actually refinish them. Blech. At any rate, Iris can pound away on them and I won't blink an eye!

So, Iris and I left mid-morning to spend the day with Melissa and her son. There was some shopping, some lunch, and then back to Melissa's so the kids could get their naps in. After naps we decided to do what apparently ever other person in the city decided to do today (on the first day it was actually really nice all year), which is go to Alki beach. I had never been there before, and it was quite entertaining! We ended up walking about a mile from where we parked down to the beach, but were so tired by the time we got there, we just got some drinks and a little food and walked back to the car. We didn't plan very well, so we had one stroller for two toddlers and the kids took turns riding in it. Iris quite enjoyed running down the sidewalk as fast as she can, forcing her mama to go waddling along after her. It was so interesting to see so many different kinds of people down along the beach. Lots of families, guys on motorcycles, big thumping cars, skateboarders, young girls in bikini tops (which was puzzling, I mean, this is Seattle-- it never really gets THAT hot here!) so lots of fantastic people watching. A few cars were driving down the street with music blaring and several guys sitting on the roof. Where were the cops? I didn't see a single one in the three hours we were there. At any rate, it was cool, and the kids had fun even though the mamas were more than worn out by the time we walked all the way back to the car. Tonight Matt, Iris and I are all completely pooped out. Hopefully we all sleep really well!

I bought Iris a bike helmet today so that she's all set with it when she gets her trike, which looks like it might be as early as next weekend (we're waiting on Matt's tax return). I never told her what it was for, I didn't want to get her too excited. When we got home from our day out Auntie Maegan was here, and I was showing her and Matt Iris's new helmet. I forget who, but one of them asked Iris what the helmet was for and she said "new bike!". Our jaws just dropped. We have NO idea how she knew that, other than at some point along the way it must have been mentioned that she needed it for riding a bike and she picked it up.

She's also been singing her ABC's for over a week now (which, let me tell you, is cuter than cute) and today she sang them along with Auntie Maegan. It was so sweet, and I think Maegan was using a higher voice to sing than Iris usually hears, and she was trying to sing in a higher tone, but it just came out all squeaky. Yep, super duper cute.

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