Sunday, April 30, 2006

Our weekend

Phew! What a busy weekend! On Saturday we took Iris to her first parade, the Procession of the Species. It was SO much fun! The Procession is in Olympia, which is about an hour and half drive south of Seattle. It was pouring rain the whole afternoon and was looking like it was going to completely ruin the parade, and most importantly, Iris's first experience watching it. Amazingly, pretty much as soon as the parade started, the sun came out, and it ended up being the most gorgeous afternoon. Here's a few pictures:

Iris and Matt eating pizza at Old School before the parade. This used to be our favorite place to get pizza!

Iris watching the parade (well, sort of!) from Matt's very tall shoulders

Watching the parade from my only slightly less tall shoulders

I made Matt take a picture of this amazingly beautiful, pregnant belly dancing mama with a painted belly who was part of the parade

After the parade Iris ran through the fountain and got completely soaked and freezing cold, then we met some friends at Mini Saigon for dinner. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this restaurant, and would give just about anything to have one in Seattle! They have a huge menu of Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese food and an insane amount of choices that are vegetarian-- and not just tofu, but vegetarian chicken, pork, etc etc. It's SO yummy. We left Olympia at almost 9:00, so half way home Iris zonked out in the car. We hoped she would sleep in pretty late this morning, but nope, she was up extra super early, at about 6:00.

Today we went to have lunch with a few friends. Two of the couples have brand new babies so it was sweet to see Iris interacting with them. During nap time Matt went to the toy store to buy Iris a new trike! We got her a Kettler Brummi, which is great for lazy parents like us who need a push bar to push her around the neighbohood on it. She just loves it, and is even happy to wear her helmet when she's on it!

I caught a touch of the nesting/cleaning urge tonight and unpacked a bunch of baby clothes and the cloth dipes. I was hoping to not have much to buy, but if we want to use cloth from the start with this baby (we started with Iris at about 4 months) then I'm going to have to get new dipes and covers, because there isn't anything small enough in our stash. Grrrr. Hopefully I'll find some nice used stuff so that I don't have to spend too much money on it. It's also starting to occur to me that we're going to have to cut down on a whole lot of the things that we store in the apartment in order to make room for the baby. There is seriously NO room for anything else right now-- we obviously need a bigger place to live, but until we win the lottery, we're stuck here and are going to have to figure out how to make due.

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