Thursday, April 13, 2006

Random musings

We've had an interesting past couple of days. Yesterday I watched a little guy, about 6 1/2 months or so, for ten hours. I thought I was completely crazy for agreeing to do it, but it was a favor, so I turned over my day to baby care. He was a great baby, actually, almost 100% different than Iris was at his age. I wouldn't consider her "high needs" but she was definitely needy. The little guy who was here literally sat and played and played and played all on his own. I was beginning to realize the trouble with children who are so laid back is that they might not get as much attention as they need-- whether or not they are demanding it. I know that if next time I got a baby that laid back, Iris most certainly steal the majority of my time and attention away from the content little baby.

I also discovered something I never knew would be so sad to me. I changed the little guy's diaper several times, obviously, and one time Iris was very interested in some, um, new parts she saw. I explained to Iris that was his penis, and that she shouldn't touch, only look. It's not like we were in there for hours or anything, but I noticed that he was cirumcised. Well, not only that, but he had a very obvious scar around the head of his penis. My heart immediately sunk. For some reason it just really hit me. I've seen adult circumcised penises, but never quite noticed a baby's. My nephew is uncut, and the only other baby penis I've ever noticed in my life (okay, this post is taking a wierd penis tangent . . . sorry about that!) I am strongly anti-circumcision, but having almost exclusively dealt with girls, and having a baby girl myself, the subject is one I rarely come face to face with. But there I was, feeling so sad for this little boy, it just really was a bizarre reaction that I never thought I would have in the face of a circumcised baby penis. I honestly don't mean for this to be some kind of political statement on circumcision, just more an observation on going through the situation.

Anyways, so, back to all things non-penis related, Iris had a pretty rough rest of the night. Matt and I figured that even though I was home with her all day, she didn't get me all to herself, and therefor spent the whole night going "mama! mama! mama!" I was so worn out by the end of the day, I was pretty glad to get out of the house to go to yoga. Yoga is ALWAYS good :)

Today we actually had a really, really good day. Iris had few melt-downs, and the ones she had she got over pretty easily. She also took almost a two hour nap, which is totally unheard of for her, so I was one happy mama! This afternoon a friend and I went to meet the woman who makes these slings. I bought one and my friend bought one. Of course, it is for the new baby and I could barely even try it on on account of the giant belly that was in the way. Oh, I got this fabric. I really wanted a girlie looking sling, since I am the only one who will use it, and the peanut's a girl. We're going to look so dang cute using the sling! It felt good to give my moola to a work at home mama.


  1. I'm also very anti-circumcision, and the mother of two girls. I can totally imagine your reaction to that little guy's bad cut (as if there were a good kind.) I'm glad I'm not a man, because I would be so upset about having been circumcised. Both my mom and my sisters were talked into (by their partners) circumcisizing their sons against their instincts. My husband is baffled by a man being for it.

  2. Thanks for the link Sybil :) I am enjoying reading your blog.


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