Thursday, April 20, 2006

So cute

Matt came home from work and was relaying a story about having lunch with a male co-worker. Apparently his co-worker's wife just had their third baby, so he and Matt were chit-chatting about babies. This guy asked Matt where we were planning on having the baby and he answered that we were going to have a homebirth. No kidding, he then HIGH-FIVED Matt because he was so excited. Apparently his wife has had two babies at home. The story continues with them talking about birth tubs and other details of labor. Isn't that so cute?

It reminded me of a while ago when Matt was wearing Iris in the sling in the grocery store. I think it was last summer, but I'm not sure. Anyways, he was wearing her in the Mei Tai and another guy stopped him to ask about it. Not that it really matters, but this other guy was big and burly and thought the sling was pretty cool. These two men were standing there chatting about baby slings in the frozen foods isle of the grocery store-- again, SO cute!

I know many men who are great fathers, I just really wish they had more opportunities to bond with each other over their experiences. I spend a great deal of my day talking to other mamas, blogging and reading other mama blogs, reading and posting on message boards, bringing Iris to a myriad of play dates, etc etc. I feel pretty certain it's the same for most men, but Matt just doesn't have as much of a support network as I do when it comes to being a parent.

Hmmmm, maybe some day they'll be a with a Fatheringdotcommune for them to share fathering stories :) How cute would that be?

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