Monday, April 10, 2006

We're having a . . .

. . . GIRL! I am SOOOOOOOOOOO excited! Matt and I went for the ultrasound this morning. It was mostly kind of long and uncomfortable, but it was super fun to find out the sex. I really wanted to have another girl. My main rationalization was that, as far as sibling relationships go, the strongest ones I know are between two sisters. I actually don't know a single brother-sister relationship that's any stronger than just occasionally playing catch up on each other's lives. I do, however, know plenty of sisters who are very close. Obviously my own little theory on relationships, but hey, I get another girl and all is well in the world :)

We had a pretty great weekend. I think the highlight for me was going suit shopping for Matt. This week he has a third interview for a really great job and it required that he looks his absolute best. I have never seen him in anything fancier than a shirt and tie, so it was pretty cool to see how sharp he looked in a suit. We dropped a huge amount of money on it, but the way I see it, if he gets this new job, it will MORE than have paid for itself. If he doesn't get the job, well, then he wears the suit to future interviews.

Last night we brought the "Hook Up" to Melissa's family for dinner. The Hook Up comes from a local BBQ joint, and it comes with bbq ribs, chicken and a hot link as well as beans, greens and hush puppies. I know very, very little about southern food, but I really have enjoyed the few times we've eaten it. The place that we get the Hook Up from is a pretty sleazy hole-in-the-wall, they obviously put more effort in to the food than they do the atmosphere!


  1. congratulations! i'm so happy for you!

  2. I wanted a boy the second time, but when I discovered she would be a girl, I had that feeling that sisters would be so great.


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