Tuesday, May 30, 2006

In the last moments of being a wage-earner

I am sure most (if not every) SAHM comes to this point. When they are in their last moments of employment, having looked forward to what's to come for a long time, just a little bit panicked about what it means to actually stay AT HOME and bring home NO money. Preparing to do the only job they want to do, which is raise children, but wonder if maybe, just maybe, this is really going to work out. Well, here I am. A couple of hours left of work, no one expecting me to get much done so I'm surfing the web a bit and taking care of personal things. Tomorrow I'm officially a SAHM. Day one of my new life and identity. When someone asks me "what do you do?" I get to say "I raise my children". Not that I couldn't have said that before, but usually when people ask what you do, they mean "what do you do to make money?" so I always answered "I work in a medical records office". Even though that was only 20 hours of an entire week.

My life is on the cusp of so much change. It's no wonder things have been so hard. I have heard that even good change is stressful. I am beginning to understand what that means.

I got a little party at work. A cake from Whole Foods and yummy pizza and juice. I didn't expect much. I tend to be pretty much overlooked in my job since I don't work normal business hours. It made me feel really nice, especially considering that my number one complaint about the company I work for is that they don't really value their employees that much. Everyone said such nice things, and signed a nice card. Lots of well wishes and statements of "oh, you're so lucky!" Which I am lucky. Very lucky. I'm lucky that I get to the most important thing to me in the entire world, be with my kids 100% of the time.

Sigh. You know how even when something sucks, like really, really sucks, but when it's over you get a bit verklempt about it? I feel that way about my job. I think, hmmm, maybe it wasn't so bad. Or maybe that's just the chocolate cake talking ;)

Monday, May 29, 2006

Officially Fired.

So I am now fired as a mama. Totally done.

Have you ever heard a story about a child that fell out of a second (or more) story window? I have. Several, actually. Just yesterday I was reading the current issue of Parents magazine and there was an article about a toddler that fell 16 feet out of a window. "Idiots" I thought. "Who wouldn't watch their kid that closely?"

Well, apparently me. Now, Iris DID NOT fall out of a window today. Nope, I got to catch her by the feet as the front half of her was hanging of our second story window. Why? Well, number one, and the reason I'm fired, is that I wasn't watching her. I was typing an email, which I like do approximately 99.5 times a day. Reason number two, we have our futon pushed up against the window. I have always known this was a terrible idea, and have repeatedly told Iris not to stand on the back of the futon, but alas, it's my responsibility to keep her off of it. We also have the cheapest, crappiest windows any apartment building has ever, in the history of the world, has. Of course, no screen is strong enough to hold up to the weight ofbeing pushed on it, but I'm suprised the entire window didn't just fall right out.

So, I'm standing there with my back to the window, like I do about a million times a day, and Matt had just gone outside to take the dog to go potty. Iris immediately climbed up on the couch, to watch for her dada, I presume. I didn't know this, I wasn't watching her. The next thing I hear is a panicked cry and I turn around and only see her legs over the top of the futon. In the split second it took me to run to the window, I assumed the front of her was over the back of the futon. It wasn't, it was half out the window. She had pushed out the screen and was starting to fall. Thank god she was caught enough to have a moment to cry or I never would have heard her until she was on the ground outside. And, my god, might not even have heard her then.

I am now sufficiently terrified and have already spent quite a bit of time researching window guards on line. Apparently safety is a lucrative business, because one guard each for two windows is going to set us back almost $200. Obviously I will pay this in a heartbeat, but MAN, that's alot of money.

Here is a Window Safety Checklist put out by the National Safety Council. Please look at it. I know there are about a million things I haven't been diligent enough about when it comes to my child's safety, but this one I now know.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

We're going to get a vacation!

I decided that Iris and I desperately needed to get back to Wisconsin (okay, never thought I'd write THOSE words) to see family and get a break from everything that's going on here. I just bought our plane tickets today. We'll be gone for three weeks. Yay! I am cutting it pretty darn close to the end of the pregnancy, but will still be done flying before I'm 35 weeks. God knows when we'll be able to afford to fly the whole family back there again, so it's sort of like a "last hurrah" as well. It will be, um, interesting to fly alone with Iris. Luckily there will be no layover on this flight, so it will just be a matter of getting on the plane then staying put.

I am just so darn excited. We'll get to sail on my dad's boat, go to the pool, swim at the lake, hang out with all the extended family. Iris is going to have a blast! There will be lots of hands to help take care of her, as well, so mama will get to relax :)

Saturday, May 27, 2006

What the hell?!?!

I just read THIS on Mother Anarchy (a blog which I completely adore for making me actually use my brain every time I read it). I don't even know how to comment on how ridiculous it is. Basically LiveJournal (which is a blogging website just like this one, for those who don't know) asked a member to not use a picture of her breastfeeding her child as her default icon and threatened to take her blog down if she didn't comply. Apparenly some asshole actually reported her!

I was really curious as to whether or not other blog sites (such as the one I use) have user requirements as inane as this. Of course, all user requirements are subject to the discrimination of the site that you are using. What is inappropriate to one person is obviously as natural and normal as can be to another. Leave it to the blogging websites to take a stand :(

Friday, May 26, 2006

As if I haven't posted enough today . .

Here's some fun recent pictures

On the last day of co-op we had a beach party. All the kids wore their swimsuits and sat around in a big kiddie pool. Iris LOVED it and didn't want to get out!

On the beach on Mother's Day. The water is the Puget Sound and you can see the Olympic Mountains in the background if you look closely. It was such a beautiful day!

Enjoying spaghetti (there's something about kids getting super messy with food that I find SOOOOO cute!)

Breastfeeding annoyances

Okay, there's alot about people's attitudes about BFing that annoy me. I really, really, REALLY shouldn't get down on mamas who are actually BFing their children (really) but THIS is about the dumbest thing I have ever seen. For those uninterested in using the link, it's a product called Cover Up Clips and it's a stretchy band with a clip on each end. You connect each end to a blankie and voila! instant BFing privacy! Okay, I may be one of those "whip it out any time, anywhere" kind of mamas, but please, is there anything about this product that says "give me privacy"? Nothing like clipping a large blanket around your neck to get a little privacy. That's what I've always felt about all of the ways women try to cover themselves up while doing the most natural thing in the world. Not that every mama who BF's needs to be some kind of advocate, but the more mamas who BF in public, then the more mamas who will BF in public. There's nothing like normally carrying out a normal act to well, normalize it. Not to mention throwing a huge blanket around you is cumbersome (yes, in the early days I actually tried to do this, so I know) and then you're sitting there with your baby hidden trying to look all non-chalant while people are looking at you going "what's up with that?!?!" I would almost guarantee that this act makes people MORE curious in what you're doing than if you were just normally feeding your baby. After all, most mamas have stories to report of other folks who just thought they were merely holding their children, not realizing they were feeding them.

As I said earlier, I really hate to rag on BFing mamas, in fact, I love mamas who BF probably more than I can ever explain. Please, please-- mamas, don't buy these stupid clips. And stop smothering your children under a blanket. If any mama actually owns one of these I will personally pay you the value of it if you throw the damn thing away and start feeding your baby normally*

*okay, I won't actually send you any money, as I'm really broke, but I will send you the monetary equivalent of well wishes and shouts of "you go, mama!", k?

p.s. If you're one of those mamas who has a child that needed to hide behind a blanket in order to calm down enough to BF in public, then this post isn't directed at you what-so-ever :)

Huge weight off my chest . . .

So apparently last summer was I being terribly masochistic, because I signed up for a really, really time consuming job for Iris's pre-school co-op. Today I FINALLY got to pass the torch over to the person who is taking over for next year's groups! YAY! I spent the past couple days doing a ton of working in preparation of handing it all over, but now I'm absolutely DONE. I am so relieved. It's going to be a long, long time before I decide to take on a project like that again. Next year in co-op I'm going to do a super easy job, like order the books or take pictures or something. If anyone tries to sign up for the job I want I'll take them down. Seriously.

Now I just have two-- yes, two!-- more days to work and then I'm done with that, as well. I can feel myself starting to breathe easier already. Of course, instead of working my booty off outside of the home, I'll be doing it all at home, as any SAHM knows how that goes. I imagine I'll be this totally organized cleaning, shopping, child-caring machine, but I am sure in actuality it will be more about handling all the tiny emergencies that pop up. When I look back on this summer, after the new baby is here, I'll probably think it was about the easiest time in my life! LOL

I've started compiling a list of all the fun things I want to do with Iris this summer. The places to go and things to do. Activities that are summer-only and MUCH easier to do with only one child in tow. We're going to milk every last bit of fun from this summer if it's the last thing we do!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Another midwife appointment

Today Iris accompanied me to my midwife appointment. It was actually quite un-eventful. A woman there had a baby while I was in the appointment (okay, THAT part was eventful!) but the rest was just basic stuff. Talking about the birth and getting blood drawn to see if I have gestational diabetes. I'm still trying to figure out exactly what I want to do about a birth tub. I've asked just about everyone who could possibly have an opinion (including two different message boards on Mothering.com!) and still come up with the same two choices. I can rent one from a local tub rental place, who comes and sets it up while I'm in labor and then comes and empties it and tears it down, or I can buy an inflatable "fishy pool" and do the whole thing "myself" (meaning, hopefully someone does it on my behalf!) and then have the whole thing to take down, and then figure out what to do with after the birth. My midwife told me she could probably help me sell it, which I like the idea of, but it still seems like a pain. These two choices are based on money, of course (isn't everything?) but I'm glad there's at least options!

Planning a homebirth is so much more work than I thought it was going to be. Getting all the supplies together is a headache, getting the birth tub is a headache, figuring out what to do for care for Iris- headache! I honesly hope that I have this magical labor and delivery where I labor all night, and then Iris wakes up just in time to be there when her baby sister is born. I really, really, REALLY want Melissa to be able to come and help with her care, if we need her to, but who knows if it will all work out that way. Since I want Iris to be able to stay at home through the labor/birth (if she wants to be here) then picking someone I am close enough to to actually be in the birth space is a big deal. I love Melissa absolutely to death and can't think of anyone else I'd want to help out more-- We'll just have to see if it's in the stars! I've just been thinking about this aspect a little more this afternoon, since my midwife brought it up at the appointment. If all else fails, at least Matt will be here to care for her. I'm not sure how our current (okay, ongoing) relationship drama will carry through to the birth, so it might be a great role for him to play.

Iris and I stopped at Dairy Queen AND McDonald's on the way home from the appointment. I figure I earned it for starving myself before the blood draw :) Hoenstly, I'm not a fast food kind of person, in general, but when I'm pregnant it sounds SOOOOOO good!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Anyone care how crunchy I am?

Didn't think so, but this quiz is funny. I think that anyone who takes it has a pretty good idea of the result they're going to get before they even take it.

Moms: How Crunchy Are You?

Granola w/ Milk!You got crunch, but there's some softness to ya that makes it easy for you to relate to mommyies of all kinds. But they can tell there is just something about you that's different. Some of them are envious of your unique ability to interact with your child or your enthusiasm for not littering. But you won't hesitate to tell a friend how proud you were for homebirthing or non-circing, even if you know she didn't do the same. The difference is, you respect her decision and assume that she respects yours.
Take this quiz!

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Monday, May 22, 2006


What happened to blogrolling? It was here yesterday, in fact I just added a new blog to it. I can't even get to their website now! Is this happening to anyone else? I think I might have to just add the blogs to my site, but I don't even know the web addresses for everyone :( sniffle. I'll have all night at work to figure it out! LOL

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Just returned from Yakima

We made a trip over to Yakima for the weekend to visit Matt's family and so that we could pick up a new queen sized bed for Matt to sleep on as well as a suprise gift of a new dining table! His parents had a cool 70's green table that was sturdy and a nice size. They mentioned that they were getting a new table at the end of the summer so I said hey! we would be happy to take this table off your hands! Then this morning they decided to just send it home with us today (instead of waiting until the end of the summer). It looks lovely in our home. Yay! It has been a pretty long time since we have had a normal table to eat around, so this is going to open some doors for more family dinners (at least ones that aren't eaten in the living room around the television) and also the ability to have people over for dinner, which is so much fun.

Our trips to Yakima are always kind of wierd. It feels like such a time warp being over there. The drive over goes from the city, to suburbs, to a mountain pass to farms to nothing but rolling brown hills as far as the eye can see. And then there's Yakima right in the middle of this valley. Usually it's hot and dry there but we were blessed with some cool weather and it had just rained, which made it quite lovely. Matt's parents house is also funny because it basically looks like it hasn't been changed since the early 70's (hence the green table)-- they actually still have furniture that they bought before Matt was born. And in some of the cases, that's not necessarily a good thing. At first I thought it was super strange, but now it's just comforting, that's the way their home is, and the way Yakima is, and we go overnight once every few months and it's nice for a little change of pace. The older Iris gets the better she does on the car ride and the more she enjoys being there. She still has a love/hate relationship with her Grandpa-- she talks about him alot and seems interested in him, but is still pretty wary of him and doesn't generally want to go by him.

We went to this funny little festival downtown and ate snow cones and Iris got a balloon that she was very proud of. We rarely get out of their house when we are there, so that was nice. Last night we watched "War of the Worlds" with the impossibly dreadful Tom Cruise. I was suprised he wasn't as terrible as he normally is. It was a good movie. For anyone who hasn't seen it, he spends the whole movie protecting his daughter from these alien creatures who have invaded earth. The special effects were actually really cool, but as a mama, the whole story line of this father going so far to protect his daughter was just heart-wrenching. Any mama can relate to the struggle, I am sure, of going that far to protect her children. Probably most father's could, as well. I just didn't expect the movie to be so, well, moving!

This week is my second to last week of work! Woo Hoo! Four more days, and counting!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Are you kidding me?

I had to mention this in my blog. Today Iris got her very first credit card offer in the mail today. Yep, it was seriously addressed to her specifically. Not sure what list a (almost) two year old has to be on to be sent junk mail by these sleazy companies, but she's on it. I hung it on our bulletin board because I thought it was really funny, but I now the more I think about it, I think it's really, really creepy. It's like "hey kid, ruin your credit before you're even out of diapers!" Of course, we couldn't really open the card in her name, could we? Could we? I shudder to think. It will be interesting to see what other strange mail ends up showing up for her. Perhaps random catalogs or mortgage ads?

I hate summer!

Could I get any more crabby about the weather? I live in Seattle, where it rains and is cold and dreary like, 99% of the time. Then it gets hot and I'm already in a terrible mood about it! Honestly, the hot weather knocks every last ounce of energy out of me. I haven't had to nap in quite a while, but the last couple of days I've had to lay down while Iris is napping just to refuel. I am not looking forward to the rest of the summer. Blech.

I also just got this hair-brained idea that I couldn't just quit working all together. Once I saw what it would do to our finances, and my guilt about not bringing in even a dime of income set in, I panicked. I posted an ad on craigslist that I could be a temporary nanny. I've already got people who responded to me asking me to start as early as Friday. What the heck did I get myself in to? I don't want to turn anyone down, as I don't want to lose any potential to make a little extra money, but sheesh, sometimes I just wonder what I was thinking jumping right in to it before I even officially left my other job.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Happy Mother's Day all you super mamas!

I am excited tomorrow is Mother's Day. I've already requested my gift, which is to have Matt clean our car-- inside and out. It's like driving a trash can, I swear. There's veggie booty everywhere, old socks stuffed in the door, even a used diaper in the pocket behind the passenger side seat (although Matt can be thanked for that one, good thing it's him cleaning it out!) I guess I'm officially a mama when I'm driving around with all this crap in my car.

My newest latest excitement on the mothering front is making tons of plans for increasing our frugality. I am learning more than I ever wanted to know about saving money by reading Mothering.com's Finances and Frugality message board (or is it Frugality and Finances?) Already tonight, above and beyond what I've already figured out on my own, I've learned tips on turning the hot water heater off, tons of tips on cutting grocery expenses, that you don't need to use the recommended amount of detergent in your laundry, that dollar stores sell lots of "normal" products for, uh, a dollar, and other fun tips. Give me a couple weeks to adjust, and I'll be the most frugal mama around! Okay, I'm sure I'll still have a mean Target habit, but as with most habits, breaking it will be hard to do.

I'm also incredibly excited that once I have Saturdays free from working, I'll be able to start going to yard sales for the first time in a LONG time. Before I had children, I really had no interest or need to shop at yard sales. I did just fine buying everything brand new, thank you very much. Now that I'm a mama, and need to be more frugal (in addition to always being in need of SOMETHING), I'll be finding time for yard sales. Oh, and farmer's markets. Yard sales and farmer's markets. Yippeee!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

So much is changing

Per usual, summer is going to start off with plenty of changes. My last day of work is May 30th. For so long I've just been dying for the day I could walk out of work and never go back. Now that it's a reality, it's suddenly very, very wierd. The last time I wasn't working was when I moved to Seattle. Since I was a college student I lived on loans and my parents for several months before I got a job. This was a short lived position before I got the job I currently work at, and have been at for four years. Doing the budget and figuring this all out has been a real eye-opener. We've been living outside of our means for quite some time, but now adding a decrease in income, and a desperate need to develop more some semblence of a savings account, we're going to be feeling the squeeze really quickly.

Our last day of co-op is in two weeks from today. I really didn't want to do a summer program, for my own sanity, but I know Iris will miss it. I've been hoping to plan group playdates to keep up with the social outlet that Iris enjoys, but it's seeming alot harder than it should be to get a few mamas and kids together once a week. One mama at the co-op is seriously considering doing a one morning a week day care drop-off for a really reasonable fee. I would love to do that with Iris, and keep her in the loop of friends. It's unfortunate for her that she needs to rely on me to fill her social calendar. Not only am I pretty terrible at meeting people and making friends, but now that I'm pregnant the desire to stay put at home the whole day and watch tv is awfully strong. I'm going to work my little booty off to participate in as many play groups as we can, however. We'll see how that turns out!

Between work and being relieved of co-op duties, my summer is really going to open up. Which is also a huge change. I want to take advantage of it, doing all the things I couldn't do when I was too busy.

And obviously, in addition to all of this, there is a baby coming at the end of summer. That feels like a really great time to me to have a baby. The end of the heat spells, the beginning of settling in for fall. Our family falling back in to more of a set routine, Iris's school starting again. I struggled last time having a baby at the beginning of the summer. Iris was born in mid-June and I felt so stuck at home and isolated from the world during the one time of year where it's the best to be outside, soaking in the sun. This will be my last summer with just Iris, to enjoy the two of us, then there will be nine months of learning about a new baby before sumemr rolls around again.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

What is wrong with me?

So, in the morning Matt is going to be running a couple of errands for me. One of them is to return my recently purchased stroller to Costco. This was the stroller I just HAD to have for when the new baby came even though I was, what, like fifteen weeks pregnant when I bought it?. I used it once (and have the phots to prove it!). Well, twice, technically if you count the time I battled with Iris and never left the parking lot of our apartment building. It now sits in the corner of our already packed full living room just mocking me for making such a silly purchase. Iris hates it, I can barely get it up and down our flight of stairs, and it takes up way too much room. I was going to sell it on craigslist or EBay, but my friend suggested we just take it back to the store. Apparently you don't even need a receipt or anything, as I found out when I called to ask. Sweet!

The other errand is that he is going to be returning my piece of crap glider. The ottoman broke about two weeks after we got it, and now the chair squeaks. If there is one feature you don't want in a glider, it's squeaking. This chair is less than two months old. It's such junk! I should have known. Luckily Fred Meyer is taking it back for store credit (which is fine, since we buy groceries there anyways).

I have the worst luck lately in buying things. We paid almost $150 for Iris' new trike last weekend and she couldn't even use it all week because it came with a bad clamp that made it so the handlebars were loose and didn't turn the wheel. A minor technicality, no? I had to call the maufacturer and they sent out a new clamp right away. Now the trike is awesome and Iris has been begging to ride it outside, something her dada gladly obliges. Here's a picture of her on her bike (notice her BabyLegs!):

Oh, in addition, I recently bought a new sticky mat to do yoga on. The only problem? It's not sticky! I'm not even kidding! I try to do downward dog and my hands slide across the mat. My goodness, I am totally banned from shopping for a while. I seem to have the worst luck lately, like a shopping curse!

I'm still going to be on the lookout for a new stroller. In fact, we saw this stroller at Target tonight (honestly, we were there for socks and sippy cups, so that doesn't count as shopping!) It's such a cool looking tandem stroller because it's really compact compared to most others. In fact, in that picture on the link, you have to closely to even see it's a tandem! That's been my number one issue with tandem strollers, it's like you're pushing a mini-van everywhere. This is one is reasonably priced and more compact. Of course, I'm banned from buying it, at least for now. I obviously won't need it for a while anyways.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Meeting new mamas

I'm horrible at meeting new people. I mean, really, really bad. One of the best things I've gotten out of using message boards is that it is a good vehicle for me to meet people in real life (suprising, huh?) Today a group of women from the mothering.com message board met at the zoo with all of our children. Although I spent too much time chasing after Iris to get a chance to talk very much to anyone, it was still fun. Lots of mamas nursing their babes and wearing slings, which is always lovely to be around :)

I spent a little time this afternoon writing my resignation letter for my job. It is going to feel WAY too good to turn it in! Of course, I never see my boss, so by "turn it in" I actually mean just put it on his desk.

Matt and I are working hard at getting finances in order. Even though his job pays more it won't 100% cover what we are going to lose from me leaving my job. This might be a little worrisome, but he has lots of room to move up in the pay scale, plus I've developed some kick ass plans for budgeting every last penny. I am in serious awe of families who have this kind of stuff under control. It feels like we're being pulled in two different directions-- on one hand we're trying really hard to pay off the mountain of debt we're buried under, and on the other hand we're hoping to even be able catch a glimpse of the possibility of buying our first home. Hell, at this point we'd love to be able to afford to move in to a bigger apartment! Damn this city! I wish it wasn't so wonderful to live here because it sure is freakin' expensive and completely impossible for people like us to get ahead.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Holy crap!

Matt got the new job!!!!!!!!!!!! Horray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know who is more excited about it, him or me. Now the most important thing on my mind is, when do I get to quit my job???? Hmmmmm. We'll see, but judging by how crappy things have been for me at work, I'm guessing it will be sooner rather than later, unless Matt wants to invest the extra money he makes in my therapy bills.

That's about it, just wanted to share the good news!

Ha ha!

You Know You're From Seattle When...

You have a very strong opinion about where your coffee beans are grown, and you can taste the difference between Sumatran and Ethiopian

You feel guilty throwing an aluminum can in the trash.

You use the words "sun break" and know what it means.

You know more than 10 words to describe a cup of coffee.

You know what a dry cappachino is.

You obey all traffic laws EXCEPT "keep right except to pass."

You know at least eight people who work for either Microsoft or Boeing.

You invite twice as many people as you really want to a party since only half will actually show up.

You know what Lutefiske is.

You personally know someone from Alaska.

You consider floating bridges a pain in the butt, not an engineering marvel.

You know how to pronounce "Sequim", "Puyallup" and "Issaquah."

You have roots in Oregon, Idaho or Montana, but wanted a high paying job.

You've tried to get a job in Alaska, especially a summer job only.

You think skiing always means being covered from head to toe, on snow or water.

You know at least three Microsoft burnouts, of which two are millionaires.

You use more than 5 words to order a cup of coffee. "I want to order an unleaded, double, short, skinny, wet cappuccino with a shot of Amaretto please."

A "designer" wardrobe comes from REI, Eddie Bauer, Lands End, and Birkenstock.

You consider it a sunny day if the sun is visible at some point of the day.

You've been "snow" skiing in the RAIN more than in the snow.

When you're discussing rainforests and volcanoes, you're NOT talking about Hawaii.

You Remember the Kingdome

You have tried to forget about WTO

You know how BLUE the skies are here compared to Eastern Washington

The guy at 8:30 am at Starbucks wearing the baseball cap and sunglasses who looks like Phyllis Diller is really a trans named Eva Destruction that used to play with Hole.

Your car insurance costs more because your neighbors don't have any!

Your mayor is straight, 1/2 your friends are gay, the man who delivers your mail has a bumper sticker that reads "when they pry it from my cold dead fingers....", and your Burger World drive thru order taker was a computer millionaire last week.

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from Seattle.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Taking advantage of the frustration

I hate my job. Have I ever mentioned that? I go to sleep every night praying for an early release from the crap I have to deal with every time I go to work. I have worked the same job for four years now, and though I am only part-time at this point, I've been there longer than about 80% of the folks I work around. I don't want to point out the horrid institution I work for (they have a pretty great reputation in my community, and I certainly don't need to actually endanger my position by bad-mouthing them on the internet!) but regardless, the management practices at this place are by leaps and bounds the worst I've ever encountered, ever. In the past couple of days some shit went down that really takes the cake, and now not only am I one foot out the door, I'm hanging on by my pinkie toe.

Tonight I was scheduled to work, but I was so mad about things, I needed to take the night off. Between the beginning of my nesting urges, and needing to work out my job frustrations, I've re-found my love for cleaning the frustration away. On my hands and needs, I cleaned the whole kitchen floor. The dog got a bath. My entire bathroom got scrubbed, top to bottom. I went to the store and bought new rubber gloves and some vinegar to make more cleaning solution. Baby clothes got put away. Let me tell you, I was on FIRE! Turns out there is an upside to anger and frustration, huh? And the upside is a floor so clean you could eat off of it (but I wouldn't recommend it).

Iris was a huge help (and by help I mean "got in the way every chance she could") and ended up changing clothes about four times after getting completely soaked with water. I get in this zone where I have tunnel vision about my project. I wish Iris would park it on the couch and watch Blue's Clues well I scrub away, but nope, she wants to be in the action. And in all honesty, that's the best place for her, not on the stupid couch rotting her brain. I make and use my own cleaning products so they are relatively safe for her to be around (not drink them or anything, but certainly safe enough to be in the same room while I clean). She tries to put on the gloves, scrub things with the sponge, move the soap suds around on the dog and attempt to aim the shower head sprayer in the right direction. Yes, it takes twice as long to clean, but she loves it, and when I just relax, it can be fun.

For the first time today I got to shop for baby clothes at a local thrift store. I was a thrift store CRAZY when Iris was in utero and a new baby, but now she makes it impossible to shop with since her least favorite thing of all is standing there patiently while I sort through racks of clothing. Today Melissa and the kids brought Iris and I to a new thrift store and the kids sat in strollers and played with toys while I made record time flying through the racks of baby clothes. I had some great finds, lots of sleep sacks, which are my favorite for new babies. While Matt and Iris are at co-op in the morning I'll be hitting the nearby Goodwill. Just the thought of it makes me want to drool with excitement. I know, I'm a little too easy to excite.