Thursday, May 25, 2006

Another midwife appointment

Today Iris accompanied me to my midwife appointment. It was actually quite un-eventful. A woman there had a baby while I was in the appointment (okay, THAT part was eventful!) but the rest was just basic stuff. Talking about the birth and getting blood drawn to see if I have gestational diabetes. I'm still trying to figure out exactly what I want to do about a birth tub. I've asked just about everyone who could possibly have an opinion (including two different message boards on!) and still come up with the same two choices. I can rent one from a local tub rental place, who comes and sets it up while I'm in labor and then comes and empties it and tears it down, or I can buy an inflatable "fishy pool" and do the whole thing "myself" (meaning, hopefully someone does it on my behalf!) and then have the whole thing to take down, and then figure out what to do with after the birth. My midwife told me she could probably help me sell it, which I like the idea of, but it still seems like a pain. These two choices are based on money, of course (isn't everything?) but I'm glad there's at least options!

Planning a homebirth is so much more work than I thought it was going to be. Getting all the supplies together is a headache, getting the birth tub is a headache, figuring out what to do for care for Iris- headache! I honesly hope that I have this magical labor and delivery where I labor all night, and then Iris wakes up just in time to be there when her baby sister is born. I really, really, REALLY want Melissa to be able to come and help with her care, if we need her to, but who knows if it will all work out that way. Since I want Iris to be able to stay at home through the labor/birth (if she wants to be here) then picking someone I am close enough to to actually be in the birth space is a big deal. I love Melissa absolutely to death and can't think of anyone else I'd want to help out more-- We'll just have to see if it's in the stars! I've just been thinking about this aspect a little more this afternoon, since my midwife brought it up at the appointment. If all else fails, at least Matt will be here to care for her. I'm not sure how our current (okay, ongoing) relationship drama will carry through to the birth, so it might be a great role for him to play.

Iris and I stopped at Dairy Queen AND McDonald's on the way home from the appointment. I figure I earned it for starving myself before the blood draw :) Hoenstly, I'm not a fast food kind of person, in general, but when I'm pregnant it sounds SOOOOOO good!

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