Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Anyone care how crunchy I am?

Didn't think so, but this quiz is funny. I think that anyone who takes it has a pretty good idea of the result they're going to get before they even take it.

Moms: How Crunchy Are You?

Granola w/ Milk!You got crunch, but there's some softness to ya that makes it easy for you to relate to mommyies of all kinds. But they can tell there is just something about you that's different. Some of them are envious of your unique ability to interact with your child or your enthusiasm for not littering. But you won't hesitate to tell a friend how proud you were for homebirthing or non-circing, even if you know she didn't do the same. The difference is, you respect her decision and assume that she respects yours.
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  1. Hey - I got the same score. And now I'm going to be late for preschool co-op because of taking that quiz!


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