Friday, May 26, 2006

Breastfeeding annoyances

Okay, there's alot about people's attitudes about BFing that annoy me. I really, really, REALLY shouldn't get down on mamas who are actually BFing their children (really) but THIS is about the dumbest thing I have ever seen. For those uninterested in using the link, it's a product called Cover Up Clips and it's a stretchy band with a clip on each end. You connect each end to a blankie and voila! instant BFing privacy! Okay, I may be one of those "whip it out any time, anywhere" kind of mamas, but please, is there anything about this product that says "give me privacy"? Nothing like clipping a large blanket around your neck to get a little privacy. That's what I've always felt about all of the ways women try to cover themselves up while doing the most natural thing in the world. Not that every mama who BF's needs to be some kind of advocate, but the more mamas who BF in public, then the more mamas who will BF in public. There's nothing like normally carrying out a normal act to well, normalize it. Not to mention throwing a huge blanket around you is cumbersome (yes, in the early days I actually tried to do this, so I know) and then you're sitting there with your baby hidden trying to look all non-chalant while people are looking at you going "what's up with that?!?!" I would almost guarantee that this act makes people MORE curious in what you're doing than if you were just normally feeding your baby. After all, most mamas have stories to report of other folks who just thought they were merely holding their children, not realizing they were feeding them.

As I said earlier, I really hate to rag on BFing mamas, in fact, I love mamas who BF probably more than I can ever explain. Please, please-- mamas, don't buy these stupid clips. And stop smothering your children under a blanket. If any mama actually owns one of these I will personally pay you the value of it if you throw the damn thing away and start feeding your baby normally*

*okay, I won't actually send you any money, as I'm really broke, but I will send you the monetary equivalent of well wishes and shouts of "you go, mama!", k?

p.s. If you're one of those mamas who has a child that needed to hide behind a blanket in order to calm down enough to BF in public, then this post isn't directed at you what-so-ever :)

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  1. It looks like a big bib!

    I did try that once when Xavier was a newborn and I was at toys r us (first time NIP when he was about a week old)and a quite older woman came up to me as I was struggling with the blanket and Xavier was screaming because he wa hungry and too hot and asked me how old he was etc and then told me to relax and just feed him without the blanket and that no one would notice...
    So my blanket use lasted about 5 seconds and it never came out again...


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