Saturday, May 13, 2006

Happy Mother's Day all you super mamas!

I am excited tomorrow is Mother's Day. I've already requested my gift, which is to have Matt clean our car-- inside and out. It's like driving a trash can, I swear. There's veggie booty everywhere, old socks stuffed in the door, even a used diaper in the pocket behind the passenger side seat (although Matt can be thanked for that one, good thing it's him cleaning it out!) I guess I'm officially a mama when I'm driving around with all this crap in my car.

My newest latest excitement on the mothering front is making tons of plans for increasing our frugality. I am learning more than I ever wanted to know about saving money by reading's Finances and Frugality message board (or is it Frugality and Finances?) Already tonight, above and beyond what I've already figured out on my own, I've learned tips on turning the hot water heater off, tons of tips on cutting grocery expenses, that you don't need to use the recommended amount of detergent in your laundry, that dollar stores sell lots of "normal" products for, uh, a dollar, and other fun tips. Give me a couple weeks to adjust, and I'll be the most frugal mama around! Okay, I'm sure I'll still have a mean Target habit, but as with most habits, breaking it will be hard to do.

I'm also incredibly excited that once I have Saturdays free from working, I'll be able to start going to yard sales for the first time in a LONG time. Before I had children, I really had no interest or need to shop at yard sales. I did just fine buying everything brand new, thank you very much. Now that I'm a mama, and need to be more frugal (in addition to always being in need of SOMETHING), I'll be finding time for yard sales. Oh, and farmer's markets. Yard sales and farmer's markets. Yippeee!

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  1. The freedom to shop around yard sales and farmer's markets is one of my greatest pleasures of SAH-motherhood. Hope you enjoy your adventures : )


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