Sunday, May 21, 2006

Just returned from Yakima

We made a trip over to Yakima for the weekend to visit Matt's family and so that we could pick up a new queen sized bed for Matt to sleep on as well as a suprise gift of a new dining table! His parents had a cool 70's green table that was sturdy and a nice size. They mentioned that they were getting a new table at the end of the summer so I said hey! we would be happy to take this table off your hands! Then this morning they decided to just send it home with us today (instead of waiting until the end of the summer). It looks lovely in our home. Yay! It has been a pretty long time since we have had a normal table to eat around, so this is going to open some doors for more family dinners (at least ones that aren't eaten in the living room around the television) and also the ability to have people over for dinner, which is so much fun.

Our trips to Yakima are always kind of wierd. It feels like such a time warp being over there. The drive over goes from the city, to suburbs, to a mountain pass to farms to nothing but rolling brown hills as far as the eye can see. And then there's Yakima right in the middle of this valley. Usually it's hot and dry there but we were blessed with some cool weather and it had just rained, which made it quite lovely. Matt's parents house is also funny because it basically looks like it hasn't been changed since the early 70's (hence the green table)-- they actually still have furniture that they bought before Matt was born. And in some of the cases, that's not necessarily a good thing. At first I thought it was super strange, but now it's just comforting, that's the way their home is, and the way Yakima is, and we go overnight once every few months and it's nice for a little change of pace. The older Iris gets the better she does on the car ride and the more she enjoys being there. She still has a love/hate relationship with her Grandpa-- she talks about him alot and seems interested in him, but is still pretty wary of him and doesn't generally want to go by him.

We went to this funny little festival downtown and ate snow cones and Iris got a balloon that she was very proud of. We rarely get out of their house when we are there, so that was nice. Last night we watched "War of the Worlds" with the impossibly dreadful Tom Cruise. I was suprised he wasn't as terrible as he normally is. It was a good movie. For anyone who hasn't seen it, he spends the whole movie protecting his daughter from these alien creatures who have invaded earth. The special effects were actually really cool, but as a mama, the whole story line of this father going so far to protect his daughter was just heart-wrenching. Any mama can relate to the struggle, I am sure, of going that far to protect her children. Probably most father's could, as well. I just didn't expect the movie to be so, well, moving!

This week is my second to last week of work! Woo Hoo! Four more days, and counting!

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