Friday, May 05, 2006

Meeting new mamas

I'm horrible at meeting new people. I mean, really, really bad. One of the best things I've gotten out of using message boards is that it is a good vehicle for me to meet people in real life (suprising, huh?) Today a group of women from the message board met at the zoo with all of our children. Although I spent too much time chasing after Iris to get a chance to talk very much to anyone, it was still fun. Lots of mamas nursing their babes and wearing slings, which is always lovely to be around :)

I spent a little time this afternoon writing my resignation letter for my job. It is going to feel WAY too good to turn it in! Of course, I never see my boss, so by "turn it in" I actually mean just put it on his desk.

Matt and I are working hard at getting finances in order. Even though his job pays more it won't 100% cover what we are going to lose from me leaving my job. This might be a little worrisome, but he has lots of room to move up in the pay scale, plus I've developed some kick ass plans for budgeting every last penny. I am in serious awe of families who have this kind of stuff under control. It feels like we're being pulled in two different directions-- on one hand we're trying really hard to pay off the mountain of debt we're buried under, and on the other hand we're hoping to even be able catch a glimpse of the possibility of buying our first home. Hell, at this point we'd love to be able to afford to move in to a bigger apartment! Damn this city! I wish it wasn't so wonderful to live here because it sure is freakin' expensive and completely impossible for people like us to get ahead.

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