Monday, May 29, 2006

Officially Fired.

So I am now fired as a mama. Totally done.

Have you ever heard a story about a child that fell out of a second (or more) story window? I have. Several, actually. Just yesterday I was reading the current issue of Parents magazine and there was an article about a toddler that fell 16 feet out of a window. "Idiots" I thought. "Who wouldn't watch their kid that closely?"

Well, apparently me. Now, Iris DID NOT fall out of a window today. Nope, I got to catch her by the feet as the front half of her was hanging of our second story window. Why? Well, number one, and the reason I'm fired, is that I wasn't watching her. I was typing an email, which I like do approximately 99.5 times a day. Reason number two, we have our futon pushed up against the window. I have always known this was a terrible idea, and have repeatedly told Iris not to stand on the back of the futon, but alas, it's my responsibility to keep her off of it. We also have the cheapest, crappiest windows any apartment building has ever, in the history of the world, has. Of course, no screen is strong enough to hold up to the weight ofbeing pushed on it, but I'm suprised the entire window didn't just fall right out.

So, I'm standing there with my back to the window, like I do about a million times a day, and Matt had just gone outside to take the dog to go potty. Iris immediately climbed up on the couch, to watch for her dada, I presume. I didn't know this, I wasn't watching her. The next thing I hear is a panicked cry and I turn around and only see her legs over the top of the futon. In the split second it took me to run to the window, I assumed the front of her was over the back of the futon. It wasn't, it was half out the window. She had pushed out the screen and was starting to fall. Thank god she was caught enough to have a moment to cry or I never would have heard her until she was on the ground outside. And, my god, might not even have heard her then.

I am now sufficiently terrified and have already spent quite a bit of time researching window guards on line. Apparently safety is a lucrative business, because one guard each for two windows is going to set us back almost $200. Obviously I will pay this in a heartbeat, but MAN, that's alot of money.

Here is a Window Safety Checklist put out by the National Safety Council. Please look at it. I know there are about a million things I haven't been diligent enough about when it comes to my child's safety, but this one I now know.

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  1. oh... poor mama...
    You are of course rehired because Iris needs her mama and no one can compare to you in her eyes...

    To be honest I have never even heard of window guards nor seen them...

    I am so glad that she is alright... just move that futon :) and give her a big hug...


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