Wednesday, May 10, 2006

So much is changing

Per usual, summer is going to start off with plenty of changes. My last day of work is May 30th. For so long I've just been dying for the day I could walk out of work and never go back. Now that it's a reality, it's suddenly very, very wierd. The last time I wasn't working was when I moved to Seattle. Since I was a college student I lived on loans and my parents for several months before I got a job. This was a short lived position before I got the job I currently work at, and have been at for four years. Doing the budget and figuring this all out has been a real eye-opener. We've been living outside of our means for quite some time, but now adding a decrease in income, and a desperate need to develop more some semblence of a savings account, we're going to be feeling the squeeze really quickly.

Our last day of co-op is in two weeks from today. I really didn't want to do a summer program, for my own sanity, but I know Iris will miss it. I've been hoping to plan group playdates to keep up with the social outlet that Iris enjoys, but it's seeming alot harder than it should be to get a few mamas and kids together once a week. One mama at the co-op is seriously considering doing a one morning a week day care drop-off for a really reasonable fee. I would love to do that with Iris, and keep her in the loop of friends. It's unfortunate for her that she needs to rely on me to fill her social calendar. Not only am I pretty terrible at meeting people and making friends, but now that I'm pregnant the desire to stay put at home the whole day and watch tv is awfully strong. I'm going to work my little booty off to participate in as many play groups as we can, however. We'll see how that turns out!

Between work and being relieved of co-op duties, my summer is really going to open up. Which is also a huge change. I want to take advantage of it, doing all the things I couldn't do when I was too busy.

And obviously, in addition to all of this, there is a baby coming at the end of summer. That feels like a really great time to me to have a baby. The end of the heat spells, the beginning of settling in for fall. Our family falling back in to more of a set routine, Iris's school starting again. I struggled last time having a baby at the beginning of the summer. Iris was born in mid-June and I felt so stuck at home and isolated from the world during the one time of year where it's the best to be outside, soaking in the sun. This will be my last summer with just Iris, to enjoy the two of us, then there will be nine months of learning about a new baby before sumemr rolls around again.

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