Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Taking advantage of the frustration

I hate my job. Have I ever mentioned that? I go to sleep every night praying for an early release from the crap I have to deal with every time I go to work. I have worked the same job for four years now, and though I am only part-time at this point, I've been there longer than about 80% of the folks I work around. I don't want to point out the horrid institution I work for (they have a pretty great reputation in my community, and I certainly don't need to actually endanger my position by bad-mouthing them on the internet!) but regardless, the management practices at this place are by leaps and bounds the worst I've ever encountered, ever. In the past couple of days some shit went down that really takes the cake, and now not only am I one foot out the door, I'm hanging on by my pinkie toe.

Tonight I was scheduled to work, but I was so mad about things, I needed to take the night off. Between the beginning of my nesting urges, and needing to work out my job frustrations, I've re-found my love for cleaning the frustration away. On my hands and needs, I cleaned the whole kitchen floor. The dog got a bath. My entire bathroom got scrubbed, top to bottom. I went to the store and bought new rubber gloves and some vinegar to make more cleaning solution. Baby clothes got put away. Let me tell you, I was on FIRE! Turns out there is an upside to anger and frustration, huh? And the upside is a floor so clean you could eat off of it (but I wouldn't recommend it).

Iris was a huge help (and by help I mean "got in the way every chance she could") and ended up changing clothes about four times after getting completely soaked with water. I get in this zone where I have tunnel vision about my project. I wish Iris would park it on the couch and watch Blue's Clues well I scrub away, but nope, she wants to be in the action. And in all honesty, that's the best place for her, not on the stupid couch rotting her brain. I make and use my own cleaning products so they are relatively safe for her to be around (not drink them or anything, but certainly safe enough to be in the same room while I clean). She tries to put on the gloves, scrub things with the sponge, move the soap suds around on the dog and attempt to aim the shower head sprayer in the right direction. Yes, it takes twice as long to clean, but she loves it, and when I just relax, it can be fun.

For the first time today I got to shop for baby clothes at a local thrift store. I was a thrift store CRAZY when Iris was in utero and a new baby, but now she makes it impossible to shop with since her least favorite thing of all is standing there patiently while I sort through racks of clothing. Today Melissa and the kids brought Iris and I to a new thrift store and the kids sat in strollers and played with toys while I made record time flying through the racks of baby clothes. I had some great finds, lots of sleep sacks, which are my favorite for new babies. While Matt and Iris are at co-op in the morning I'll be hitting the nearby Goodwill. Just the thought of it makes me want to drool with excitement. I know, I'm a little too easy to excite.

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