Sunday, May 28, 2006

We're going to get a vacation!

I decided that Iris and I desperately needed to get back to Wisconsin (okay, never thought I'd write THOSE words) to see family and get a break from everything that's going on here. I just bought our plane tickets today. We'll be gone for three weeks. Yay! I am cutting it pretty darn close to the end of the pregnancy, but will still be done flying before I'm 35 weeks. God knows when we'll be able to afford to fly the whole family back there again, so it's sort of like a "last hurrah" as well. It will be, um, interesting to fly alone with Iris. Luckily there will be no layover on this flight, so it will just be a matter of getting on the plane then staying put.

I am just so darn excited. We'll get to sail on my dad's boat, go to the pool, swim at the lake, hang out with all the extended family. Iris is going to have a blast! There will be lots of hands to help take care of her, as well, so mama will get to relax :)

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