Saturday, May 06, 2006

What is wrong with me?

So, in the morning Matt is going to be running a couple of errands for me. One of them is to return my recently purchased stroller to Costco. This was the stroller I just HAD to have for when the new baby came even though I was, what, like fifteen weeks pregnant when I bought it?. I used it once (and have the phots to prove it!). Well, twice, technically if you count the time I battled with Iris and never left the parking lot of our apartment building. It now sits in the corner of our already packed full living room just mocking me for making such a silly purchase. Iris hates it, I can barely get it up and down our flight of stairs, and it takes up way too much room. I was going to sell it on craigslist or EBay, but my friend suggested we just take it back to the store. Apparently you don't even need a receipt or anything, as I found out when I called to ask. Sweet!

The other errand is that he is going to be returning my piece of crap glider. The ottoman broke about two weeks after we got it, and now the chair squeaks. If there is one feature you don't want in a glider, it's squeaking. This chair is less than two months old. It's such junk! I should have known. Luckily Fred Meyer is taking it back for store credit (which is fine, since we buy groceries there anyways).

I have the worst luck lately in buying things. We paid almost $150 for Iris' new trike last weekend and she couldn't even use it all week because it came with a bad clamp that made it so the handlebars were loose and didn't turn the wheel. A minor technicality, no? I had to call the maufacturer and they sent out a new clamp right away. Now the trike is awesome and Iris has been begging to ride it outside, something her dada gladly obliges. Here's a picture of her on her bike (notice her BabyLegs!):

Oh, in addition, I recently bought a new sticky mat to do yoga on. The only problem? It's not sticky! I'm not even kidding! I try to do downward dog and my hands slide across the mat. My goodness, I am totally banned from shopping for a while. I seem to have the worst luck lately, like a shopping curse!

I'm still going to be on the lookout for a new stroller. In fact, we saw this stroller at Target tonight (honestly, we were there for socks and sippy cups, so that doesn't count as shopping!) It's such a cool looking tandem stroller because it's really compact compared to most others. In fact, in that picture on the link, you have to closely to even see it's a tandem! That's been my number one issue with tandem strollers, it's like you're pushing a mini-van everywhere. This is one is reasonably priced and more compact. Of course, I'm banned from buying it, at least for now. I obviously won't need it for a while anyways.


  1. We got our glider (& ottoman) from Target for $150 and it has only just now started to intermittently squeak very quietly - and it's been almost 3 years since I got it. I started sitting in it a lot my third trimester cause it was the only seat in the house that didn't make my back hurt worse.

    Target is the way to go - at least in my experience.

  2. That's an awesome tanden stroller, I'll have to check it out since my little ones will only be 15 months apart.


  3. My stroller got so little use that it still looks new. I wish I'd thought to return it. It sits unused in the garage. My first daughter didn't care for it. I slung her or Ergo'd her until she was two-and-a-half. My second daughter has never even sat in the stroller.


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