Monday, June 12, 2006

Afternoon at the park

Today I brought Iris to a park we had never been to before. I didn't realize before we go there, but it is right on Puget Sound, so needless to say, it was a gorgeous park. The play structure was a bit paltry, but being that it was surrounded by woods and water, that wasn't such a big deal. The only thing I really disliked was that there was a high caged stairway that went between the park and the beach/water because there are train tracks seperating the two and the stairway had to go over the top of it. Iris and I were both a bit scared to walk over it, actually! Anyways, the beach was amazing. It was so cool to watch Iris wander around and pick up rocks and throw a few in the water. It sounds so simple, and it was, but it was still pretty cool.

After our jaunt on the beach, we went back up to the playground and Iris worked on getting rid of the fear of the swings that I so horribly implanted in her. You see, Iris used to LOVE swings. We would go to the park and I would not be able to get her off the swing for what seemed like hours. She got really good at swinging on "big girl" swings and preferred them to the baby swings. That is, until the day that I set her on the swing and gave her a push and she promptly flipped right off and started screaming. Ever since that day, she's hated the swings. So today, she asked to swing in the baby swings. The first two times I put her in she asked to get right back down, but the third time, she was enjoying herself for a while, and that was nice to see. An older girl coaxed Iris on to this big teeter-totter thing with springs in it. She was standing on it, in the middle, and Iris sat on the end. This older girl was super sweet with Iris, singing for her and talking to her alot. Most older kids don't really care to interact with toddlers, so far as I have experienced. Who knows, maybe she had younger siblings or something. I couldn't help but notice that this girl, who was no more than 10, had the coolest haircut I've seen in a long time. And not a "wow, that's cute on a 10 year old" way, but in a way that I seriously contemplated asking her for the name of her stylist. She had really cool hair.

It always amazes me when I find something new to do in Seattle. I've lived here almost 5 years and there is actually very little of the city that I have explored. Having Iris to help see new things is so much fun. Not only do I get to experience new things, but I get to experience alot of them through her big, curious eyes. They are infinitely more interesting to look through than my tired, cranky, bitter eyes.

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