Thursday, June 01, 2006

The anxieties just keep getting worse, don't they . . .

As I started sharing the story of Iris's near fall from our window, many people began sharing stories with me of narrow misses their own children have experienced. Apparently this is something all of us go through. I had no idea. It's helpful to talk about it and get a handle on how common these occurances actually are. Not that it makes it any better, on the contrary! I'm more anxious than ever! I can't imagine it gets easier.

Speaking of anxieties, here's one I'm sure not many people think about-- yesterday there were a ton of people at a local park. I was there pulling double duty on two different playgroups I am a part of. It was a beautiful, sunny, breeze-less day. Out of no where a HUGE limb of a tree just fell off. I mean HUGE. Easily 20-30 feet long and wide enough that I don't think I could have put my arms around it at the widest part. Amazingly, it fell in to a part of the road where no cars were parked (there were cars lining every other inch of the street) and no people underneath it (even though there were dozens of people at the park). It was crazy! I was talking with my friend Julia tonight, who was there to see the tree limb fall, and we were like, great, now I have to add falling tree limbs to my list of anxieties. Are we supposed to go walking around gazing up at trees while trying to determine the likelihood it's going to lose a limb at any moment? Yikes. That's it, only shade-less parks for us from now on!

It's amazing anyone survives at all, I've determined.

Here's a picture one of the other mamas got of the tree limb

Here's Iris playing in the dirt (and thankfully being missed by giant tree limbs!)

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