Monday, June 05, 2006

I hate clothes!!!!!!!!!!

So, I'm 6' tall. Not a super skinny girl, I'm curvy and um, top heavy. It's never been easy for me to find clothes that fit me. This problem started way back in junior high when I bought pants three sizes too big so the length fit correctly then cinched in the waist with a belt. You could imagine how cool I looked! As clothing styles shrunk more and more over the years, well, I was screwed. That was basically how "normal" clothes fit me to begin with. And let me tell ya, tight clothes on my boobs, belly and butt? not pretty. Not at all.

So, pregnancy just compounds the problem exponentially. It's insane. My last pregnancy I started a lit bit lighter than this one, maybe 10 lbs or so. I wore baggy shirts and skirts but also found that Old Navy maternity jeans (they come in tall!) fit me well. I don't know what happened, but Old Navy jeans are not workin' this time. Not at all. I put them on and walk two feet and they slide down my hips. I can't buy them any tighter cause then I lose circulation in my thighs. So, I've been wearing normal yoga pants tucked under my belly about 90% of the time. The other 10% I wear maternity skirts. Which I hate, by the way, because I can't stand it when my thighs touch together. Eeeeewwwww! It's such a yucky feeling. So I waddle around like a duck in my skirts. You have NO idea how totally attractive this is. All I wear on top is t-shirts and tank tops. I wish I had money to spend on better nursing bras, better fitting pants, a wider variety of shirts. But, we hardly have the money for regular clothes, let alone clothes I can wear, at most, a few months. I bought a pair of shorts from Motherhood Maternity yesterday so I have something to wear in WI. I thought they were great in the two seconds I tried them on in the store (albeit a little short). MM has a no return policy on sale clothes, but I figured they were fine. Wrong. I put them on today, walked around a little bit, and they come sliding down my butt. Awesome. So now I have one pair of shorts and to wear them, I have to hike them up about 50 times a day.

I just hate clothes. I use to say I hate my body, because I can't find clothes to fit it, but I don't hate my body. I like my body just fine. It serves me well. Sure, I plan on whipping myself in to shape after having this baby, which is also my last, but that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with me now. I just hate that if you're not built like one specific body type, then you have to spend insane amounts of money and time on finding anything-- anything!-- even remotely cute to wear.

My sister got a breast reduction just over a year ago. She was pretty top heavy, just like me. She looks fantastic now. Really, really fantastic. She can wear normal clothes and is just as cute as can be. I thought she was pretty cute before, actually, but she is really cute now. As much as I think I wouldn't ever get surgery to alter my body, damn if I don't want a boob job myself. I would like to be a nice B :).


  1. I know! What is it with the Old Navy maternity jeans!! I'm 5'8", 140lbs, and 6 months pregnant and bought an extra small (b/c I think Old Navy runs big and the smalls were huge) and I'm hiking them up all day long...thought it was just me! Pregnancy never ceases to be an adventure!

  2. The sizes there are so wierd for maternity clothes. I have a few stretchy maternity things in size large that slide off of me, yet I couldn't even get in to a pair of size 14 shorts. What gives?!?!

    Grrr. Glad someone else is experiencing the fun!

  3. Hi mamamilkers! I found you from Mamac-ta and checked out your site. Crazy stuff, I live in Wausau WI, have a 2 yr old who still nurses and am preggo with #2 due in September! I never find other bloggers from WI! Just wanted to say Hi!

  4. Hi Annie!
    That is funny, I lived in Wausau for a long time. Actually, on Rib Mountain. My family moved away after my sophomore year of high school and now my folks are down near Madison.
    I haven't been up to that area in forever. Good to know there's progressive mamas up there!


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