Saturday, June 24, 2006

Let's Jazzercise!

Geez! I don't know what's going on in my uterus, but it's killing me! For some reason, ever since we got to WI the babe has been doing some serious work-out routines. To the point where I have to breathe deeply and the tumbles and jabs are stopping me in my tracks. To make matters worse, I think I'm having braxton hicks or something, because my uterus just isn't as happy as it used to be. If I'm still so uncomfortable tomorrow I might be placing a call to my midwives just to be reassured everything is okay. I've been relaxing more than I have in a long time and hardly do anything physical (compared with how life was at home), so I'm not sure why I'm so uncomfortable. My great terror moment came when I thought about having my baby born prematurely while I'm in WI and having to stay here in the hospital for weeks and weeks. Okay, erasing that thought from my brain. I just don't remember things being so, well, painful with the last pregnancy, although I'm sure my uterine and stomach muscles aren't as strong as they once were.

This afternoon I sat down with my hypnosis tape for the first time. I felt kind of silly. I just kept thinking "hmmm, I better start to go deeper and deeper or I'm totally screwed!" No better way to relax in to hypnosis than to freak yourself out, huh? I am sure it will get easier. I have to practice one to two times a day until my next appointment. Not sure what frequency the assignments will be after that.

Besides my uterus feeling like crap, the trip is still going reasonably well. My mom bought Iris a plastic wading pool yesterday and while we were eating dinner outside all Iris wanted to do was jump in to it, so I stripped her down and she shivered through almost an hour of swimming before we pulled her out. Today we relaxed all morning-- even Iris! She spent almost half an hour with me snuggled up on the couch watching her Laurie Berkner video. This kind of behavior is almost unheard of. She's much more a go, go, go kind of girl. She's also been super clingy. Not even wanting me to walk out of her sight for a moment. I am sure as she gets more used to being here it will get easier. It's just a bit hard for me because my mom really wants to be able to spend time with her, but Iris wants to stay glued to my leg.

Today we ventured to the zoo in Madison. It was depressing and neat at the same time. It's a very small zoo, with very small exhibits. Such small exhibits made me feel sad for the animals, but at the same time, we were able to get alot closer to them than you can at the Seattle zoo. Tomorrow we hope to get to the beach, which we've been talking about for a few days. If not, there's many more days of the vacation left!

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